Nexo's 2019 Dividend gives US$2,409,574.87 to Hodlers

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I've been holding Nexo Token in small amount since pretty much its beginning. That means i am one of the lucky folks who got a (very very small) piece of the 2 million Dollar pie.

Similar to the last Dividend rewards which I also talked about, this round's dividend depends on how long you hold on to Nexo Tokens on the Nexo Platform on top of the amount you hold.

This was all explained in their deep dive blog on the Nexo dividend distribution methodology.

Basically, the reason they do this is to rewards long-term investor confidence and also decreases market volatility around ex-dividend dates. It consists of two parts — the Nexo Base Dividend and the Nexo Loyalty Dividend, each making up 50% of the total amount in the current distribution.

The annualized dividend yield is an impressive 12.73%, which surpasses all of the highest dividend-paying stocks in the S&P 500. I'd say that's a good investment value for money!

Will I continue holding on Nexo?

For now, most definitely.

For one, it's not alot of money. So taking it out wont really benefit me in the short term whatsoever.

Plus, i have reasons to believe the project will continue to make money and offer higher dividend. Crypto-lending is a booming industry regardless if custodial or decentralized.

One Product from them that I see will be the upcoming Nexo Card.

Top up card with crypto, pay in any MasterCard Terminal.. Yes Please.

So I will be hodling my Nexo. How about you?

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Cool to know because it is one I might be interested to have for the next dividend.

It's definitely worth your time looking into it.

You can start with the Nexo page from @coingecko here at

DYOR though.. Make sure you understand where you put your money into.

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