Very interesting prompt this week!

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The link for this post has 13 rather than 14 for this weeks round:

No biggie, other than it destroys last weeks' link, but no one should need that link for anything at this point anyway, unless you wanted to keep them all in order @tristancarax.

link to this post:

I accidentally typed in the wrong number and the main link doesn't change when I changed it. I didn't know that it destroys last weeks' link.

Yeah, actually looking at the link, the alphanumeric part, "2q5g16" is likely different for the two posts, so if that's the case then the original link for week 13 should still be unique and continuing to exist.

First blood coming soon... :)

I'm having trouble posting to #31sentencecontest with the new front end which was beta.steemit. It won't let me post with the hashtag # and it keeps saying must start with a letter, and won't activate the post button.

Should we change it to "thirtyonesentencecontest"?

I'm going to post with the "thirtyonesentencecontest" tag for now, since I can't seem to be able to post to the original tag.

Okay. We'll do this switch for the tag.

Are you going to make that permanent, or wait to see if they fix it so we can use the original with the hashtag again?

I've removed from having to tag from the contest rules. People leave links here so it shouldn't be a big issue. I don't want to have a very long tag for people to type in.

Here is my entry for week 14, using thirtyonesentencecontest for the tag:

Hereby my entry. The tag 31sentencecontest can not be used. It gives an error. I'll try to edit later with @partiko. 💕

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