Ok, I'm game to try this again, I love this challenge!
@tipu curate

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I can't wait to read it!

@tristancarax, Kindly find my below post for your reference.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed brother.

Looks like second blood ;) This was a tough one for sure - for me at least!



I'm happy to know that this was a challenge for you. 8-)

Oh boy, was it ever! You almost had me throwing my hands up in the air and accepting defeat!

Then I caught my second wind! :)

Here's my attempt.
Why can't I get anything done on time?

You're much like I am; we drive the host crazy with the at-dead-line entries. LOL

I'm happy to see that you showed up.

So am I:) I've been dithering for several days over whether to post it or not. The others were so learned and deep and then Kitty posted hers and it was more my style so I thought feck it. I know, I over think everything.

I've been surprised at the responses I get when I start having the same thoughts as you. Sometimes, while we think it might suck, other people really enjoy what we produced. That helps me look at what I've written from a different perspective.

Well I missed this one. Good luck everyone.

Thanks for stopping by and showing your support.

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