Oh wow! Really? Thank you so much @tristancarax! This certainly motivates me to try Round 12!

Congratulations. 💕

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Thanks so much @tristancarax for selecting my post ghis week. I appreciate your support.

Congratulations to the other winners and all the participants,

Congratulations to the winners.
I guess it is hard for @cloudblade to understand how it works. Every word you write is translated into Chinese. I am glad to hear he joined in this hard time.

Happy day to all 💕

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Good contest !shop

Hi~ tristancarax!
@cloudblade has gifted you 1 SHOP!

Currently you have: 2 SHOP

View or Exchange SHOP Please go to

Are you bored? Play Rock,Paper,Scissors game with me!

Congratulations to all the Winners and keep up the good work.

@tristancarax, Thank you so much for your kind mention and have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

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Congrats to the winners, with the number one author @oivas!

Great job everyone!