The 31 Sentence Contest winners: Round 12

The 31 Sentence Contest Winners.png

We had five entries this round:
(1) @oivas - The Device
(2) @free-reign - Sticking To It
(3) @cloudblade - Tramps Homeless on the Streets
(4) @justclickindiva - Any Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
(5) @marblely - The Walkiedio

Before the judging...

Where you guys and gals went with this picture was unexpected to some extent.

Here is what initially caught my attention and why I took a picture of this homeless man. Moments before, as I was riding by, he held a spoon in one hand with a lighter underneath, cooking his heroin. Did anyone see that spoon on the ground? From the picture, it is a little difficult to see what it is.

I was hoping to catch him with the spoon and lighter in hand but I don't want to ask him to do that again. I simply snapped a shot and walked on.

Drugs are a real problem here in the United States. Many people seek these types of drugs because they are doing what they can to heal from the pain they suffer. Being in a sick society, it is often the only alternative that people can find readily.

One of the worst drug pushers, which has gotten people hooked on all sorts of drugs and then blame them for the problem they have become, is the pharmaceutical industry. They care about only two things: keeping you as a repeat customer and taking all the money that you have. They keep you sick because, if you got well, they would be out of business.

We need to end "The War on Drugs." All that it has done is create more drugs and druggies.

Addiction. Many only look at that word and immediately think - drugs and alcohol. I challenge you to read "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction." Addiction, when thought about more broadly, takes many forms. With MD Gabor Maté it was going to the classical music store. For me, particularly this week, it is gaming (which is why this post is later than usual). What is your addiction? Is it good or bad? Does it take over your whole life as drugs and alcohol may?

p.s. Due to a certain (bleep), I am changing the way you get rewarded for the next round. You can read about it there in round 13 if you have not already.

I also made amendments to contest rule number 10. While I love that google translate exists, it doesn't offer very good English - or any great translation for that matter. I wasn't aware of this before. I thought that I would be able to accept things written in other languages. What I also did not see was the fact that translating from one language to other will not get the word count for this contest. I don't think it is fair to you who put in the time to get the word count and order correct to be "outdone" by a post that comes from google translate and doesn't match the very rules this contest is based on. So, please, if you speak another language and can't write in English, find a translator/editor. I want you to win. That requires the best English version possible to compete with the crowd.

Now for the judging. I'm always searching for quality and you who enter don't fail to deliver.

First Place

@free-reign - Sticking To It

Second Place

@oivas - The Device

Third Place

@marblely - The Walkiedio

Round 13 is out. Come stop by if time permits.

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Congrats everyone!

A long time ago when I was in the army, in another country, I tried the stuff - 93% pure it was - and the only thing I'll say, not in a derogatory manner but about what I learned from my two experiences, is that it isn't easy to become addicted to heroin.

Congratulations to all 3 winners. And great job by all participants.

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