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I almost forgot about doing my 500 words for today, and then after I remembered, I almost talked myself out of it. But here I am trying to stick to my word. I'm not used to writing so often. This will be my 2nd post today which is pretty unusual for me. Then again, posting three days in a row is also unusual for me. Ha ha!

There's a meme (which I'm too lazy to look up) which shows a circle and a dot outside of the circle. The circle is labeled "comfort zone" and the dot outside is labeled "where the magic happens". While I wholeheartedly believe that, I've got to admit that I'm not feeling that too much right now. Right now,the only magic I am feeling is the magic of sleep calling me.

Don't get me wrong though. Sleep is magical. It's amazing what sleep can do for a person. Having experienced an extended time in my life in which sleeping was difficult for me, I have come to understand and appreciate that need a little better.

I once made a poem about sleep called "Devination in Dreams"...

It turns out that I fell asleep right there. Ha! It's the next day now. I missed out on doing the whole "everyday" thing, but I will keep going. Anyways...persistence.

My poem "Devination in Dreams" was an expression of the feeling I got when I woke up from having a good dream, and I yearned to go back into it. I was sleep deprived at the time, and I think that was making me depressed. So I really dreaded being awake. I was under tremendous stress at the time which made it more difficult for me to sleep...which gave me more stress. Thus, a vicious cycle was created. My mental health deteriorated until my situation eventually got better. Once, I was able to start getting sleep, I bounced back to my old self. There was an adjustment period, but considering how long I had been struggling, my recovery was pretty quick. Within a week, I was no longer depressed.

I also believe that there is magic in physical work. Whether it is through exercise or just by living an active life, I think that work is magic for one's mind and body. Recognizing the power of your own body coupled with the effectiveness of a focused mind is a freeing experience.

In addition, exercise helps to kick start another cycle but this time it's a good one. Exercise helps you to sleep better. So you get double the magic from exercising because you are more likely to get better sleep. It's a real win win situation for life.

Well, I think that's it for today. I'm not quite at five hundred words yet, but I went over on both of the previous days. That should count for something, right? 😆

Well, I'll see you guys tomorrow.



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