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RE: Seven Day Positivity Challenge - Day 7

Our last day of the challenge, but not our last day of gratitude.

I love this so much. What a fantastic way to end the challenge.

sitting by the fire in the backyard.
That's the one we like the most. The smores might have something to do with that.

You had me at s'mores. In all seriousness though, family time is so important. Even though our kids are still so itty bitty I really try to make an effort to get down on their level and really be with them and in the moment. Getting caught up in the day-to-day chores is so easy to do. There is always a meal to make, laundry to fold, bathrooms to clean, but our time with our family so precious and so fleeting. I will never wish I spent more time cleaning and less time with my kids.

Thanks again for participating, I really enjoyed reading your posts and learning more about you both.

The stormtrooper gif is so awesome! I love it!


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