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Music connects us. We can both be moved by the same song and yet be so different from one another. You feel this song too? But we aren’t even from the same country. I’m North Pole while you are South Pole. Did this same song make us both smile and our soul roar? That affinity is a miracle. We can come from different countries, beliefs, and different sides of the political aisle and yet we can feel connection from music.

Thanks to @psos for creating fun challenges to inject some joy into our community and forget briefly the world’s dramas. This particular challenge’s rules are:

Each post = ONE alphabet letter. Choose 2 bands or singers and 1 song to represent each.
Write something as to why you are sharing the artist or song.
Share a link 🎵

All songs I post will be from my Driving Playlist - songs for contemplation while on the road.

Hello Sunshine - Happy Endings

The whimsy of Happy Endings speaks to the inner child in all of us. There is so much unrest around. If we were in the playground of life, no one would be playing. Screaming about rules and mistakes and demands for perfection reminds me of the stress of worrying about grades and making parents and teachers happy. Recess is where we recovered.

I teach kids and they stare at grownups fight while we insist that they reconcile quickly and hug it out. Adults create more grief than needed. So stop acting like a grown up and embrace that kid in you that wants happy endings. This song is recess from the noise and it’s a song I often forward to a friend when they are going though a tough time.

The HU - Wolf Totem

Just so you know that I’m not all lollipops and sunshine, I have a favorite song for when my spirit needs to growl. I blast Wolf Totem when I feel like roaring and HU’s unique sound comes from using indigenous instruments and throat singing. Their lyrics come from Mongolian poetry and war cries. I love blasting this while driving.

Rrrrrrrrrroaaaarrr. I imagine thunderbolts coursing in my veins. Listen to HU while polishing your spiritual armor and let the world know to prepare to reckon with you. You’ve got a war cry and you are not afraid to face anything square on.

I hope you enjoyed my eighth installment in the music A - Z challenge and that you check out my past posts. I enjoy an eclectic library of music and am enjoying this time to share the music that drives me. All these songs motivate and ground me while driving and can be found in my Driving Playlist - songs for contemplation while on the road.

Thanks again @psos for creating a fun challenge.


Past posts for the challenge:

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