Elon Musk------A man closest to God

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Elon Musk------A man closest to God.


Because of his imagination.

Elon Musk owned 4 companies for Mars:

(1) Solarcity------ used to get power in Mars.

(2) SpaceX ------- used to deliver the people to the Mars.

(3) Neuralink----- used to connect the AI and human brain to make micracle in Mars.

(4) Boring -------- used to build the metro in Mars.

Beside Elon Musk also owned another 2 companies------Paypal and Tesla.

He become the world's richest man through the above 2 companies.

He also invest the Bitcoin.

Just imagine it------ If the Bitcoin become the only ticket to immigrate to the Mars in the future. Then what value of Bitcoin will be ?

Elon Musk will become the man cloest to God very soon.

Let's wait and see......