Why A nation without faith can not become A great country?

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Why a nation without faith can not become A great country?

We must understand what is the faith before we figure this out.

Faith is a sincere Belief from the bottom of your heart but not from your words.

Faith is a source of Justice but not a root of evil.

Faith is a yearning for a better human life and social progress.

There are a few countries in the world. Most of the people in those countries don't have faith or they are not allowed to have faith by goverment. They just can not allowed to believe their goverment, their ruling party and especially the leader of the ruling party.

So whatever the leader of ruling party said is the truth and it must be 100% correct even the leader is wrong actually. In those countries, The leader is their God.

The people can not say anything wrong to the Leader, all the news from the TV or internet are positive for this ruling party or the leader.

The people can not speak freely, can not think freely, They are just slaves.

The slaves will do anthing which is bad or terrible things to make money.Because money is a symbol of status in those coutries.

That is why there are so many fake products in those countries, fake vaccium, fake edible oil, fake milk powder, fake rice, fake mask, fake meat, fake watch, fake wine,fake tobacco...

That is why those people or slaves don't have imagination and creativity,they just do whatever the leader need them to do. they are just a bit better than a robot.

That is why they can not develop real high technology because they can not learn the real knowledge but only the leader's speech and thinking. So they just can steal or cheat from another countries with high technology.

That is why they can not understand the real economy because they don't allow to have the real free market ecomomy.

That is why the rich slave never do the real charity to their country.They prefer to transfer their asset to european countries or USA.They prefer to send their children to european counties to study the real knowledge. Day after Day, Year after Year, those counties will be fell apart from within finally.

So whatever those counties are rich or pool of material. Their spirit is very poor definetely.

A man without faith is just like a puppet or robot. only work and eat.

A nation without faith is just like a zoo. only breathe and eat.

That is why A country without faith will never become a great countries.