Killing Eve: 3x04

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By the fourth episode Killing Eve seems to have nothing more to prove.
She has raised the stakes since the first episode.
2 excellent deaths, how else to call the murders of 2 regular series, if not top-notch?
Another important character almost died.
Villanelle and Eve dangerously in contact for a minute.
The fourth episode of Killing Eve is atypical from the beginning, with the substitution of the writings with personal names and not city names.
10 minutes each for Carolyn, Eve, Jonas and Dasha.
10 minutes to frame the evolution of the situation of each of them to bring the 4 storylines together in the bloody and shocking finale.
One of the bloodiest and probably unexpected deaths in recent serial years.
As always original in staging an unorthodox and effective killing. As always impeccable in the construction of the pathos and the detonation of a bomb that inevitably changes everything.
Eve will no longer have any reason to be "faithful" to Villanelle.
The latter will no longer have any reason to feel herself master of her destiny.
In the middle of this sentimental drama in red sauce there are always very special characters, grotesque and pungent, as well as this extraordinary series.


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