Apple W Pattern spotted!!  🚀🚀🚀

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Apple Could Be A Positive Week!
Screenshot 2021-03-22 at 4.23.21 AM.png

Looks Like Someone took a big Bite out of Apple!?

Time to start chomping away at those apple Shorts!!

Buy the AAPL AAPL AAPL Dip!!!

I've been re-buying my Apple, seems like the time is right!

Eventually Apple's gonna make sauce outta these Shorts and the resistance mark in yellow below! Next stop AAPL $145 and AAPL ATH!!

Zooming out to the the weekly chart we see the bigger picture, the breakout forming. Hopefully a major trend reversal will play out on the weekly chart early next week. A small inverted head and shoulder formation is visible here. When the neckline is crossed, the buy signal is triggered!

Apple lines of support and resistance:

There is a 50% Fibonacci buy at $113 if this fails!
Screenshot 2021-03-21 at 9.41.07 PM.png

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