Happy National Absurdity Day ! November 20 2020

in #absurd2 months ago

Sometimes life is Absurd.

Like today .... especially Today !

I love the Absurd and especially the music of Tom Waits :

Happy National Absurdity Day !

Occurring at the cusp of winter, National Absurdity Day, November 20, is a fantastic way to liven up a dreary day. What started as a philosophical movement called absurdism has bloomed into this marked calendar event, during which anyone is allowed to follow their most preposterous whims. It’s a time to exchange social customs and dull norms for playful and untethered behaviors, expressions, and ideas.

Most peculiar .... WTF ????


National Absurdity Day : https://nationaltoday.com/national-absurdity-day-november-20/


More strange and wonderful November Holidays ...


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