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RE: Are you also being downvoted by the 15 SP Steemit Doofus League accounts? Check This Out!

in #abuse3 years ago

yup, they are being total douches and is annoying.....let's get together with people with actual money and counter attack
a crew of us is ready to roll


You may notice upvotes from a couple of accounts periodically. That's what I've done so far.

To new plankton users, I would imagine those downvotes could be cery frustrating even if they are miniscule. It's just bullshit to downvote another person based on what they choose to upvote bottom line. Hope my bots will help offset that.

The bots upvote posts / comments that have been hit to counter the downvote wih a random bonus. Check it out here and also in the comments if you have a chance. Rewards will be used to power them up.

Yes, frustrating is a good word for it. Disheartening is another good one. As a member of the plankton class, I feel so lost in even trying to figure out why I'm being downvoted. I also don't know my way around steemit, so trying to take advantage of these awesome upvoting bots still is very perplexing. Whether I figure it out or not, thank you for doing what you are doing to negate the situation.

please keep in touch with me on discord