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RE: 100% Proof That @haejin Controls the @ranchorelaxo Account

in #abuse2 years ago

The blunder of having alt accounts. Mistakes will surely happen!

STINC should just get rid of comment upvotes. Or cap the value at 0.20 for rewarding good behavior by "tipping". Isn't that what we do in the real world? We tip 20% for a job well done. Any bigger tip value can simply go to the quality post.

There is simply too much abuse with comment upvotes. @v4vapid wrote a post on a different group of people abusing the comment rewards. What monetary value in abuse will it take for STINC to take notice? $1 on comment upvotes? $6? Or as exampled above, an average of $85?


Yeah but then they would just make like 20 shitposts a day instead of shit comments lol :)

People will find a way to game the system. Sad reality of it on here. I will upvote your comment too, just in case the flagging war continues. (I hope not though)

25 days so far since this:

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 5.04.06 PM.png

It was late last night when I replied to this comment. Mommy exhaustion and neglected to thank you and hendrix as well for all your efforts. I know you both were heavily involved with fighting the abuse. I do hope the truce continues.

Also would hope comment abuse would stop as well. I agree with some other comments that it is their stake and they can choose to do as they wish, but if everyone takes this path of rewarding, then how are we supposed to market steem to the population: "Invest your retirement savings in STEEM. All you have to do is write one or two sentences in a comment, and you are guaranteed a 150% interest ROI!" Sooner or later, the system will unravel and be known as the pyramid scheme of history.

Yes, if everyone treated this place like they do, STEEM would be worth 1 cent.

My feeling is that an anonymous decentralized CAPCHA system needs be designed, to be offered as a tool for SMT distributors at the least.

The idea was explored in an old blog post of.mine, whose link follows for your reading pleasure. 😎

If flagging starts again as a result of this post, well, that would just impede on freedom of speech. Let's hope 25 days will turn into 25 months @lyndsaybowes. Definitely appreciate FTG and his efforts to protect and promote the platform!