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RE: 100% Proof That @haejin Controls the @ranchorelaxo Account

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I don't think there was ever any doubt that Haejin controlled ranchorelaxo or the starjuno accounts. I used to fight this sort of thing, but at the end of the day Haejin paid for/earned his STEEM and given this place is a true democracy, he can do whatever he likes even if it comes at the cost of disadvantaging and taking from others, it's a victimless crime.

The day I stopped worrying about what Haejin and other users were doing, the better things were for me on Steem. I've been involved and caught in the middle of this nonsense with whales and it just doesn't work when you fight them sadly, lowly reputation users always get the sharp end of the stick.


true democracy? you mean true capitalism.

democracy is where every vote has the same value, it's like totally the opposite here.. ;-)

true democracy? you mean true capitalism.

Technically democracy and capitalism are not comparable to one another, one is a form of government and ruling style, the other is a type of economic system.

The Steem brand is owned by Steemit Inc, but the Steem blockchain itself is decentralised and run by the witnesses. Steemit inc couldn't shut down the blockchain nor do they control it, the website could be shut down, but you could just use busy or the trove of other UI's.

Capitalism is based on the concept of privatisation and and a free market. Given that witnesses are elected by anyone with a Steem account who casts a vote, that's democracy. Those in charge of maintaining the Steem blockchain are elected by everyone.

Make no mistake, this is a democracy in terms of how things are run governance wise. If you're talking economically, well that's a different story for sure.

Nicely put.

This type of work is not for everybody that's for sure.

at the end of the day Haejin paid for/earned his STEEM and given this place is a true democracy, he can do whatever he likes.

You are correct. And we can do as we like, which is disagree with the potential rewards.

Well the beauty is that we also can do whatever we like with our SP.
So if someone flags haejin, they are only using their "true democracy" :)

They day we stop worrying about other users is the day the dream dies and everything falls into ruin.

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