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RE: Are you also being downvoted by the 15 SP Steemit Doofus League accounts? Check This Out!

in #abuse3 years ago

When i woke up today i was really happy when i saw your upvote on one of my posts. its really annoying when up to 10 accounts flag spam you everyday and i dont even know why i was targeted by them.

i used steemit the same way i did for months now. author a posts once a day and upvote authors i follow. nothing else. out of the blue i was flag-attacked by them and even made it to the big letter list.

im just so curious as to why i was selected....

anyway keep up the good work. if i can help you in any way let me know


I am also having this problem, I don't know what caused them to target me either

Ditto. It's very frustrating. It makes me wonder if it's like a virus. Did I get the bot's attention by commenting on something they had already downvoted?