Upvote bots @boomerang and @therising don't work properly

in #abuse10 months ago (edited)

I want to tell to Steemians and to whole Steem community be careful with @boomerang and @therising!
The\y do not work properly, do not let those accounts get your money, it happened to me that they haven't upvoted my posts also didn't refund the steem I have sent them.



There is no upvote from therising in the post, I have sent 5 steem for upvote!



13.291 STEEM sent and no upvote in the post on the memo!

Be aware!



hi @enisshkurti

From what I know, Therising is not working the way it used to long time ago. You cannot "buy" upvotes any more. They are focusing on manual curation and are offering solid dividents to those who delegate to them.

For a long time these "buy/sell" upvote services have stopped working on steemit (at least, as far as I know).

I believe that before you send money anywhere, you need to make sure that it will be received effectively and that your money will be valued.

When you try to buy votes, your money is not being valued, you are not even valuing your own work. You should focus on having your own fan base, actively belonging to communities, participating in Steemit initiatives and challenges, things like that.

Lastly, I don't think many Steemians are sending money to these accounts, as everyone knows that vote-buying ended 2 hard forks ago.