Haejin's Reputation Without RanchoRelaxo / Self-Votes

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Yes, your display isn't screwed up.

The below is what Haejin's reputation would be without Rancho votes, without self-votes, and if the entire Steem communities downvotes actually had a say in how reputable Haejin really is... The actual value is:


Witnesses are you okay with Haejin's 78+ rep being a permanent fixture of Steem?

Otherwise... Looks like the ONLY one that can fix this is @steemsports (They would need a significant delegation but would they be up to the task?)

If you'd like to check my numbers, here is the spreadsheet used...



Self Made Millionaire at scamming steemit.

Raw reputation is -6275344046971420 by the way.

damn, thats F&%*ing crazy. Although if we get technical about it, I don't think he would have the same amount of downvotes if he wasn't siphoning the reward pool like he is. Crazy nonetheless

That is true. I do not like all his TA and disagree with him when I do not agree, however I did not flag him for that. Even if he stopped the reward crap I would still flag him for how he treats people that post on his blog with counter TA or research. This is a SOCIAL platform yet he silences anyone that disagrees with him. The sad thing is the 13% of upvotes he uses for others normally goes to an account that just spams the same message over and over again.

This is the second time he knocked me down into the negatives. For what, suggesting bitconnect was a scam, providing research on a dead project BERN.

Wow. What a score that's mind blowing!

I’m embarrassed for them. Excellent!

Why such a disparity?

Instead of trying to get steemsports to get involved, how about we just fix the system. It has no bearing on actual reputation and indicates very little in terms of behavior.

That surprising and a little confusing! Although I must admit that I read his articles and use them for my own research, I had no idea that someone could: 1. Somehow raise their score and thus their 'revenue and 2. Have such a negative rating that can be overturned so significantly! What about us regular folk who want to share, communicate and learn? -Respect

The whole #hgin issue shows a massive loophole in STEEM that needs to be patched asap.

This is mind boggling. Totally crazy. Wow

Whoa!!! Thanks for doing this, really puts it into perspective. Resteemed.

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Very clearer for a neophyte to understand. Thanks

Wow. Really shows the utility of having your own personal whale.

Wow. I don't understand the spreadsheet, though. Are all those accounts owned by the same person?

I've been hearing about the hate and flags being given to @haejin and I've been wondering why people hate him so, I used to think he was a nice guy, who gave reliable crypto predictions and stuff, but I think I have to do some more research. Although I believe in you @flagawhale that you wouldn't flaginvain.

Something needs fixing....


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Thanks @flagawhale for this. Very new to the platform and investigating the scaminess that seems to be infesting it before going further. As someone who would be able to contribute good content (mainly on classical music) and has no ambition other than to be modestly rewarded for it, do I really want to get involved with something so skewed. I have a naive question. Who is RanchoRelaxo, what is his/her/its relationship to Haejin Lee (who I know from his shall we say optimistic TA videos on YouTube), and exactly what are they up to?

Did you know there's someone who's worse than Haejin. More efficient at raping the reward pool than any other whale? It's not click bait, I'm serious here.

Hit me up on steem.chat or discord: idikuci#8440, Would be happy to talk about it with you.