(Suggestion) Solution for Fighting Self Voting

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Reducing the voting power when we upvote the same user like integrating under the actuel voting power and per user
voting @ steem1 will get 100% (new integrated system) of the 100% of the voting power (old system)
voting @ steem2 will get 100% of the 96% of the voting power (old system)
voting @ steem1 again will get 96% of the 92% of the voting power (old system)
and the new integrated system recharge with a slower rate than the old system

may be optimized and rectified

more here: https://steemit.com/abuse/@timcliff/whitepaper-discussion-on-voting-abuse


no it's not the same .. i get the idea seeing the first anti voting abuse system work which is the voting power work why not we can't reintegrate another under it but by user to prevent self voting and friend voting abuse ;)

Sorry. I don't really understand your proposal :(

For limiting self voting and voting for freind voting (sybil attack) we need to make a change in the existing voting system with adding a new coefficient
Like that:

Voting power = existent voting power system * voting power per user

Existant voting power system like we now it's going down when we upvote more from 100% to 96% .
4% for every 100% vote and recharge at a rate of 20% every day

Voting power per user like the existent voting power system but it goes down only if we upvote the same user to limit Sybil attack strength.
When we upvote the same user it goes down from 100% to 96% and recharges at a slower rate than the existent voting system.

Exemple 1 : user x has 100% voting power
user X upvote user X his voting power will drop to 92.16% instead of 96% because the voting power will be calculated like that VP= 0.96*0.96

Makes sense. It is actually very similar to that proposal that I linked.

i think this is the best idea to reduce this abuse and can be more optimized and technically it's possible

It would put up some level of roadblocking, but the people who are actually exploiting the platform could easily get around it by creating 10+ sock puppet accounts and just rotating through them.

yes i think so :)