It's variable and the process is as follows.

First, a function is run that acquires all downvotes from the accounts.

Second, from that, we then go and grab all downvoted posts to see which are active.

Lastly, the function is iniated to go through and upvote the ones that meet the criteria.

There is currently no hard limit to how many will be upvoted per cycle but try to monitor the VP and will terminate if it gets low.

IIRC it was something like 300 upvotes before I stopped it the last time.

This will change when I modify it to kick off whenever VP hits 100%, off when it hits 80% rinse and repeat.

More to come.

sweet. im now 'doing the work' to find the accounts that are doing it :D
is there a list of the ones u have anywhere? or is the above all of them?

Here is the latest and greatest.

accounts = ['a-alphasteem', 'a-cmsidl', 'a-steemdefleague', 'aloader', 'astipmonkey', 'azobifly', 'besttopsteemer', 'biendanstoncul', 'botmaxu745', 'calipsuy', 'camillesteemer', 'carolusmagnus', 'charlesbiters', 'charlesdeherstal', 'christisthebest', 'cleversteem', 'cosmosteemer', 'crackboom', 'crigmarlo', 'dernu', 'dertluc', 'dervuptli', 'donaldducky', 'estellereuh', 'fertipo', 'fongopot', 'foodstreem', 'fushcarbon', 'geradunlo', 'goidt', 'hilonrima', 'ilikesteemit', 'jeanmaloro', 'jeanmarlo', 'jilophu', 'johnrevelator', 'kissmylips', 'lopusazuli', 'luizenc', 'magasintop1', 'maki07', 'makie', 'manudibango', 'marcfrelon2', 'marystone', 'michelnilles', 'moietmoi', 'mybestnews', 'nice-steemer', 'oiepassive', 'pusatutchu', 'qsedtylo', 'retiredworld', 'sesamcrs', 'stb138', 'steembotalpha', 'steemitfamily', 'steemittopfan', 'steempolki', 'steemprovider', 'steemtwitting', 'stormstblogger', 'strumo', 'superfipo', 'topfongo1', 'topfrsteemer', 'toronsteem', 'treedain', 'trollshunter', 'trucmipo', 'usertelor', 'velomasty', 'vladimirtopiev', 'worldsteemian', 'ytcomcenter2', 'zartyo', 'zorrolopiu']