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RE: Abuse Series: Call to Action

in #abuseseries3 years ago

Thanks @enforcer48 for this contribution.
Wow you have outdone your previous post with this contribution. I knew you had the ability to produce a top quality anti-abuse post. This is one of the best post I have read so far for the anti-abuse category. It is such a great post for the anti-abuse category this will be a staff pick.

The quality of the writing made this post easy to read. The way you expressed this type of abuse, should make it easy for another person who finds abuse, to get it taken care of.

The only thing that would have helped your post is showing what tool you used to discover the plagiarism.

A quick search revealed that the content was plagiarized.

Remember we're trying to help others be able to do this.

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I will keep that in mind for future reference. Thanks again!

Thank you for your review, @iamstan! Keep up the good work!