fotografy macros use the phone with great results

in #aceh-macro4 years ago

Hallo my frends steemit& steemian semua,
Kali ini sya akan memposting cara manggunakan macro pakek pnsel
Sebelum kita masuk dalam penjelasan nya mari kita lihat dulu foto nya ya kwan
Dan ini lah contohnya : image
Gimana bagus kan ...
Macro photography is Photography with a very short distance to get the high detail but does not require the help of an optical magnifier like a microscope. Macro photography usually has a 1: 1 ratio of the size of the image that is produced the same size as the original object. For example, in 35 mm film, the lens should be able to focus on an area as small as 24 × 36 mm, ie the size of the image on the film. For macro photography, macro lenses are the right choice. This type of lens usually has a magnification of 1: 1 or even more. But unfortunately, the macro lens is identical with the expensive price. Therefore, you can use alternatives like using extension tube, reverse ring or close up filter. Here's how you can go about getting a macro photo at a low cost. The first way is to Filter close up. The close up filter is a filter mounted in front of the lens (like a regular filter) whose function is like a magnifying glass useful for obtaining the desired focus magnification. In this way, although it does not have a macro lens, with a regular kit lens can also be used for macro photography. The second way is to use reverse ring. Actually how it works reverse ring is the same as turning the lens to be used for macro photos. Reverse ring is just a tool that funsingnya to unify the camera body with the lens is reversed. The third way is with macro extention tube. This extention tube is shaped like a pipe mounted between the camera body and the lens. The goal is to get a closer focus distance in order to focus on photographing small objects..
Dan ini lah contohnya lagi ya kwan sebuah .
Pasti bagus ya kwan ..
Inilah yang dapat saya posing malam hari ini salam dari saya:


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