Sad Story On The Land Of Rencong.

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Now I am the story of one story this story just happened a while ago in Aceh Raya when the fighting in Aceh, east and west is one place this is the story.


There is a child who is always sad every time he is always with his mother and he asks his mother, now father again where I really miss and want to see his face..?

If daddy is still alive where is the address ...? I will look for it when I am an adult. If daddy dies where is the grave ...? I will visit father's grave and read a prayer.


His mother answered ...! O my dear child
God's will, we must be patient
Do not despair and must be steadfast,
All havoc ... wasted, don't come again
Aceh must be safe, no more blood spilled
Serambi Mekah, Strengthen religion.

Thanks @afril


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