Don't waste your money for scammer platform

in #aceh3 years ago

Airdrop brings you to be happy and some bring you to be sad.
The negative side of an airdrop platform

  1. The way to dance is kept secret, who is late in taking the bonus then the bonus is forfeited
  2. Often a project promises for example 1 million, but when taking a bonus of 100 thousand
  3. there is an airdrop platform that is at risk, for example we can get 1 million but we have to deposit 200 thousand before we can wd. Who wants to take risks?

Sisi negatif sebuah platform airdrop

  1. cara menarikan dirahasiakan, siapa yang telat mengambil bonus maka bonusnya hangus
  2. Sering sebuah project memnjanjikan misalnya 1 juta, tapi saat pengambilan bonus 100 ribu
  3. ada airdrop platform yang beresiko, misalnya kita dapat 1 juta tapi harus setor dulu 200 ribu baru bisa wd. Siapa mau ambil resiko?

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