AChain Smart Contract Platform is now listed on Cobinhood

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AChain is now listed on Cobinhood

AChain (ACT)


ACHAIN is a relatively low profile company has been around (in China) for a few years now with over 30 DApps deployed on its platform such as Pundi X, LinkEye, CoinFix, SelfSell and others compared to NEO which has 26 dApps running.

With fast transaction speed of 1000 TPS compared with 15 TPS for ETH, 100 for Waves and QTUM and support for multiple languages such as C++, Java and Lua and a delegated PoS consensus, it is an exciting project to be HODL in 2018. Read on to find out what else is interesting about this token:

  • AChain came out 1st in China Blockchain Development Competition (2017) and China Blockchain Innovated Application Competition (2016) - it already has a strong community of 20,000+ members
  • AChain raised 3000 BTC in 61 seconds in its ICO - it is still relatively unknown outside of China and with its high transaction speed and smart contracts competes directly with Ethereum, NEO, OMG and other platforms without the need for heavy energy consumption
  • It's forking technology splits into a main chain and several subchains whereby the information can be shared freely among all chains - this essentially gives any developer the ability to fork off their main chain to suit their needs - industries such as AI, gaming, IOT and big data will be quick to adopt the platform if it can deliver results in the short to medium term
  • Further, AChain is aggressive in increasing number of DApps on its platform while participating in conferences around the world banking on its technical strengths



Launched in 2017, Cobinhood is the world's first zero-trading fee crypto exchange. It boasts of a very intuitive user interface blended with high level of security, offering several rewards & airdrops for traders on the platform.

Win 300,000 ACT on COBINHOOD

  • Cobinhood is currently running a trading contest for top 10 traders to win 300,000 ACT reward
  • Contest Dates: May 5 - May 24, 2018
  • Validation Period: May 24 - June 7, 2018
  • Announcement on June 8th


Happy investing! All the way to the moon....


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