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Greetings members of steemit and this group. Greetings must start every explanation. I just joined steemit not long ago about three days now and i have gotten a lot of writing skills and experience.
My gratitude to @cryptokannon for the advice of keeping our keys enclosed,secret and safe. And also not to forget our keys because it will lead to the lose of our accounts. In fact i have adhered to her advice and have kept all my keys safe at a reliable source both online and offline. And i have also copied it on a computer in a form of softcopy and written on paper as a hardcopy.
I also like to share what i know about the keys in steemit. Below are the explanations;
POSTING KEY; It is a key that allows owners of account get access to their accounts, posts and followers. In other words it allows one to login into their own accounts.
OWNER KEY; This key is very important to me. It helps you to get your account back if you lose it that reason makes it essential and important. So it is recommended to keep it offline to prevent any unallowed access from hackers.
Memo Key helps in the safe and secure transfer of funds to any crypto currency exchange platform.
As for my master key i dont know more about it buh i have kept it safe than the word safe because it's name describes itself. Master key, master among all the keys.
@cryptokannon thats nice of you. Good at managing and creating new things. Without your guidance and instructions this achievement 2 would have suffered.


Hey @faristochan, post your content through the Newcomer's community else your achievement posts wont get noticed. Welcome to steemit buddy. :)

Thanks so much @faristochan for posting your achievement 1 task. Thanks so much, Steemit Team!

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