Use Adobe Bridge with Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects

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Use Adobe Bridge with Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects

Those who work on a lot of images or videos are often required to see their previews. Or photographer needs to view previews of the format images. Because of this there are many softwares, but everyone has some format restrictions.
Such as Illustrator Drawing or EPS format. Using Adobe Bridge you can easily remove these limitations. As well as it works from all the software in Adobe. The effects of Afters Effects can be seen directly from the bridge.bridge.jpg
Adobe Bridge is offered both with Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop. You can open individually or open from within the software.
. If you open the bridge, you will see an interface like this. Select the folder that you want to see in the folder of the video file, from the folders tree on the left.. You can use filters from the bottom of the folder. If you wish to see any kind of image from the date of the image, orientation (portraits or landscapes), etc., fixed camera settings.
. The preview (or folder name) in the middle part of the middle is displayed. Double-click on the folder name to enter the sub-folder.
. Using the slider below the preview window, the preview size can be enlarged.
. Right-click on the image or video to open any software you can open and select. If you wish to lock a file from here
Right-clicking on the image or video to copy, move and move etc. can be done.
. Selecting an image will display the preview on the right. Clicking there will get a zoom window that will remove the specific part by moving it to the specific place.
. Using the slider from the preview window or using the play button, the video can be seen.
. Under the preview, the image or video metadata can be seen. Here you can find audio and video information for videos with cameras mounted camera camera settings. If you wish, you can write a new metadata here. You can use the metadata to create a template and use it.
. To equate the audio from the video file, right-click it can be opened directly in Soundboot.
. Bridge can be used to rename multiple image files at once. Select images and right-click and select Batch Rename from the menu.
. To process the camera image, right-click and select Open in Camera Raw.
. To use any effect of After Effect on any layer, open the bridge while selecting the object in the layer and find the effect in the Effects folder. Effect will be used when double-clicking here.
The ADB bridge may seem a bit incompatible to those who are accustomed to using ACDSee or other such software. But if you use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Elastrator, After Effect, Premier etc. then it does not compare to other software.
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