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RE: My Actifit Report Card: February 12 2020

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After watching your video, I’d say that the Bible is definitely a very literal-source and guide to life and how you should be towards man-kind holistically. I do feel that the Bible is complete and final although I also feel that we (as generations) are always constantly repeating life; as it relates to the beginning and the end (although I truly feel that no ending is never the same)!

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Brother thank God for taking your time watching our video, please kindly join our community to participate in our next post. May God bless you

Your spam is really fucking annoying @hiroyamagishi aka @overall-servant aka @olaf123 and your spam-bot army. You spam everybody, we ask you to stop, you refuse to, We downvote you, you downvote us. This is not what Jesus would do with his Steem account.

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