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RE: A Little Friday Love {Actifit}

in #actifit3 years ago

Hi @plantstoplanks,

This is such a cute post. I am back here with a message.

This is your guest judge speaking :) I am ready, but cannot find Katie to report in. Is she on steemit or someplace else?

I emailed @lenasveganliving, but I am also trying this to let you know.

Thanks for such a fun task. I am very hungry now!


Hey there! I am sure Lena will forward me the email you sent, but if I don't hear from her in a bit I'll reach out. Glad you enjoyed the guest judging task! It is fun to really take a look through all of the entries! Thanks!

Ok - thank you for the offer to do it. I will be back with an entry next week :)

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