Collecting Daily AFIT Smart Media Tokens With Steem Power Delegation

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I have moved all my content away from the now centralized and controlled Steem blockchain to the decentralized Hive blockchain.


Hey, awesome project, i wanted to know, if i delegate for example 300 sp, where do i receive my actifit tokens? I have never doe this before

The tokens are merely a promise for now, so you have to wait until SMTs are released in general before you can trade them. But you can check your status here: and type in your username.

Hey @flauwy, After reading your previous posts on SMTs and how they can help early birds to gather good number of tokens, I thought of investing in some. But didn't have the sufficient Steem Power. So I made my wife @sugandhaseth do it to actifit. Haha. @Actifit is a great project by @mcfarhat(a notable @steem-ambassador).

Do you know about @air-clinic created by @nairadaddy (another notable @steem-ambassador from Africa)? They announced their SMT yesterday and I delegated some of my own SP to them. They are giving away monthly 10AIRCOINs per SP delegated. :-) Commenting and reading can also fetch you these AIRCOINs. You might want to have a look. This is also related to Health Domain.

I love how new Projects are coming up with their valuable SMTs. Putting more pressure on Steemit Inc. to release the SMT system as early as possible :-D

Thank you @hungryhustly and your wife @sugandhaseth :)
We also wish @nairadaddy best of luck on his new project

Awesome, hoping it turns out a large machine. Just fund out about it minutes go

I signed up to Actifit some time ago @flauwy but haven't posted yet for two reasons.

One is, my feed is not about fitness at all so I don't think my followers would want to read about how may steps I've done each day. So I opened a new account for these posts and some about other topics but, I am now witnessing the slowness of getting an account. It's been nearly two weeks and I'm still waiting.

The other problem I have is my steps are not recorded most of the day since I don't have pockets in my summer clothes and so my phone is not on my person much. 😢

I only record steps if I go out and take a bag.

In winter it will be better because I'm more likely to wear trousers and have pockets!

It seems like a really good though and it's a shame to be missing out. 😢

we will always be waiting for you to start posting @gillianpearce :) .. in winter or whenever you can get those pocket issues resolved :)

I just made my first post through @actifit
I really hope to get recognised..
It helped my workout session today

Thank you @mcfarhat. I'm still waiting or my new Steemit account. It's been two weeks and it's still no been approved which is pretty frustrating when so many spam accounts seems to get through. 😢

i haven't managed a day of 5000 steps though. Primarily because of the pocket issue I think because I've been making a point of walking more.

I wonder how other people manage to have their phones on them all the time.

I don't know how I stumbled upon this old post but nevertheless, decided to comment if you still have problems.

I found an old dress that has pockets. :) I wear that dress only at home as it's comfortable (plus the pockets) but weary looking. Now that the heatwave is gone, I have the same issue with some of my my comfy sweatpants. So I decided not to record steps if I don't have pockets. --> Day of not Actifitting.

When I'm of to work (I'm a fitness instructor) I found a way to include my phone to my mic belt. Together with the microphone transmitter. That's how I wear the phone when I rehearse my classes at home as I can't trust the phone to stay in my pockets if I have those in my fitness wear. And the phones weight might just cause my loose pants to drop down in the middle of the class, so pockets aren't the answer in that case.

So maybe wear a fanny pack at home if you don't have pockets. Actifit could be the perfect reason to go back to the 90's style. :D Or maybe wear some kind of Lara Croft style tool belt. :D Aren't these great ideas of what!

Seriously, I'm dreading for the day that my phone says: "Can't deal with this salty sweat anymore" because, well most of my classes are pretty sweaty. So I'm hoping for an Actifit app version where one could track the steps with a simple and small pedometer and the steps could be transferred to Actifit app via bluetooth.

As to the new Steemit account, I recommend Vessel wallet. You can control all of your accounts there and create new ones with just few clicks and the new account is ready to use right away.

Thanks for the reply @geekdancing. I got my new account after a three week wait.

I'm still finding it's all a bit willy nilly as to whether my steps get recorded or not. Sometimes they do when my phone's in my bag. some times they don't.

Then there is the issue with using the back button which seems to switch Actifit off.

Plus I often forget to pick up my phone in the morning so can go half a day without having it on me anyway.

Now the weather has cooled down I am wearing trousers more often which helps as most of them have pockets although, like you're finding, my phone frequently falls out.

For now, I am just grateful if I can record 5000K and the problems with recording mean I have to walk further to get that so that's a good thing healthwise.

I too hope that this is successful enough such that, one day, a wearable recorder will be developed. I would imagine that is a very long way off though.

So, in the meantime, I'm just recording what I can. 😁

Not much chance of me hitting a sweaty problem since walking even 5000 steps in a day takes extra effort some days. 😂

I really hope too that this is a successful project. I found that when I started my Actifiting, I got this obsession of recording every step I could during the day and taking longer walks just to hit the next step count.

But now that that's worn out a bit, I find that Actifit is helping me to post to Steemit once a day and at the same time gives me some idea on what to write about.

One thing though, it would be awesome if I could somehow remember to post that one post a bit earlier each day than five minutes before midnight. Writing words in panic always requires editing afterwards. :D

Good luck on your Actifit steps. Even if you don't develop an obsession like I did for a while. :)

I think it's pretty safe to say that I won't be developing an actifit obsession @geekdancing.

I'm also trying to spend less time on Steemit not more so you and I seem to be in opposite places at the moment. 😁

I've had too many very late nights because I got caught up with replying to comments. Last night was the first time for months when I had an early night and it felt really, really good.

Good luck creating an earlier posting habit. 😁

This shows the need for categories in the personal blog.

@actifit is geting more and more serious. I tried from the very first day, and I was thinking, lets see what is this. But as days goes by I see more and more people around it and the comunity is growing and supporting. I think it has a great potential.

we are happy to hear your feedback :)

You know what your post does help a lot. It's worth to wait for your post and markdown the points you mention. Thank you

I wonder the life i would be living without steemit i appreciate the group of people that put things together to make it a great place to be

The Actifit app is unfinished. Anyone shake my smartphone to a step?

I wish I could delegate that much to them - I absolutely love their app and have great hopes for them.

Haha, yeah it is quite a sum I delegated, isn't it?

I have to make up for that difference between your and my delegations by raking up tons of steps .. :)

You can also follow the curation trail from @actifit on @steemauto and earn one token for each upvote.