My Actifit Report Card: May 20 2019

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I think it's high time to get the body fat burn with some STEEM..

It's @inuke. I installed this app earlier today just to get a number on the number of calories that I burn today. I had been lazy with my physical activities. And that has lead me to a place where I have to suck up my guts before clicking selfies. And now after numberous comments from friends and family on my resemblance with a Panda. I have decided to do some work out to get rid of the fat from all the wrong places. Hopefully I will be back to my top physical condition in next 2-3 months.

This is @inuke wishing you good health.

180 cm
86 kg
Body Fat


I agree with @ryivhnn pandas are cute but there's a reason they are almost going extinct. Their body weight makes it hard to run away ;>)

P.S.1,80 and 86 kilos isn't too bad. I'm 1,84 and around 70kgs, a little more perhaps ( I haven't weighed myself in a while ). Perhaps we can find some middle ground?

Haha, 86was when I moved to Mumbai..I am not sure how much I have gained. But I can assure you that I look more round than before..


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Check the message I send you this morning on your phone. I found this a very interesting ( Law of Attraction ) thought to ponder:

Metabolism is vibrational response to your moment in time. Metabolism is the way energy is moving through your body, you see. And so "everything" is in response to the way that you feel. Everything is. Everything is mind over matter.

Hello , welcome to the actifit world... I hope you will be the regular user of actifit. Well, first you have to do minimum 5k activities to get rewards from actifit... You can join us on discord for further details... I am happy to see that you are trying to be health conscious and trying to lead a healthy life which is good... See you around... Have a great day...

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Its going to get better once i am in my zone. :-)

Nothing wrong with resembling a panda, they're adorable XD

Good luck with the actifitting!

Hahaha, tha problem starts when a wolf resembles to a panda..

But this is just a start. I am going to get back my rock Hard abs and kick ass muscle tone.. :-)

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Hello @inuke!!!
I see that you are a new user in actifit and I think that I can help you with this dapp, because I am a mentor and I enjoy helping the other Steemians.
Please tell me if you agree and if you like the idea you will receive also a prize.
Thank you for your attention and Let's actifit!

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