Hey there @janton! She might just be a better fitness trainer than I am. ;) At least it makes getting all that activity in a total blast. And I hope to do my part to make sure she always enjoys activity as much as she does now. :)

Howdy today plantstoplanks! well, what a marvelous role model you are and she has a big advantage because you are there for her. Hey I thought about you last night during the Super Bowl! lol..because they showed one of the big ads on the side of a building that you showed on your post about the stuff going on downtown. Are you set to go back to your regular schedule with your classes downtown?

Well isn't that nice of you to ask. I was pleasantly surprised that even Thursday last week was not near as bad as I thought getting in and out of town (at least during the day time)! I would imagine there is plenty of cleaning up to do these next few days, but I think it should be business as usual from here on out. I do need to explore more to check out some of the murals they are leaving up by local artists as part of the Super Bowl beautification of the city. There is one I'll share on my regular route, but many went up around the city these last few weeks. They are all about inclusiveness and support for people of all walks of life, so it will be nice to have that inspiration stay up all over town!

Howdy plantstoplanks! oh how interesting, I think murals painted on buildings are amazing! I hope you get to some of those. I bet the city made a fortune off of the Super Bowl, or at least I hope they did.

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