My Actifit Report Card: July 12 2019 keep moving for Steemfest

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When you are looking forward to get some sweat, the traffic was fantastic and I was at the office early before heading off to the gym.

All you need to do to almost spoil your target is to accidently jammed your foot in the cross trainer that could easily break your foot.

But Praise be to God...

My foot hurts at the moment but I am fine. I didn't feel fractures, I don't have feverish and my left foot is not badly swollen.

Limping a little and after some prayers and rested a while. I decided to resume my routine not with cardio first but still do my vertical leg lifts.

Then I went for something I learned about almost 2 years back which was created by a Navy Seal with jujitsu background (if I got it right) and resume my core training.


Have you heard of it?

It is called Total Resistance eXercise where you actually use your body weight with a suspension (the founder used his jujitsu belt) to work on your core and the rest of the body.

I didn't do the advance TRX Training of course as I wasn't able to handle it. My muscles aren't that powerful haha... 😅


So I just did the basics, and that is already quite challenging if you are on the heavy side.

Yet interestingly I remembered one of the Hip Hop instructor once told me, our body actually can hold our weight and we can feel as light as a feather if our muscles are well trained.

You don't need special weights unless you are planning to buff yourself; your own body weight itself will be the challenge for the rest of the under utilised muscles until they can hold the weight.

Even the first lap of very simple workouts will get your muscles screaming when you work out with this for the first time.

I do really hope that I can keep this strong while saving up for the trip to Bangkok for Steemfest 4 and this will keep me healthy, while I start my designs for sales in order to collect for Steemfest expenses.

Updated: 2pm


Eventually after forgotten about it and walked a little too quickly rushing to get something before lunch. My left food started showing signs of pain... and right now I am using ice cold water wrap to keep my foot chilled and minimal swell. OUCH...

There goes my plan to take on the @actifit win the Steemfest ticket challenge tomorrow. Sigh.

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💪 be careful... Speedy recovery.

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Thanks @elizacheng . After the cold treatment I managed to stop the progressing of the swell. It feels a little tight only.

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Ouch..! Speedy recovery. Keep up the good work!

Thanks @kokuryo I am ok now. Had a really good rest on Saturday.
Good to see you around again.

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haha.. glad you still remember me :P
been MIA for 1yr ++ super bz life.. hope to post again soon

Yeah! But good that you still remember to come back. :-D

Oh my goodness! How did that happen, jam your foot at a cross trainer??
Is that the reason you said you had fever today??

Better take care dear girl! Your family needs you to stay strong.

I guess I was still quite sleepy when I was on the cross trainer.
It's OK now. Don't worry 😁

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