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In case I haven't mentioned it a million times before, my Friday afternoons are generally reserved for spending time with my niece. She's going to be 3 on Tuesday, and I have only missed a handful of Fridays in all this time. I honestly don't know what to do with myself the rare occasion that I don't get to see her. Being an auntie is truly one of the greatest joys I have ever experienced!

She is quite the sassy little thing at this age and keeps us laughing constantly. I love seeing all of the energy she has for life and learning. Today she got me out of breath with my second workout of the day:

"Run in front of me Aunt Katie!"
"Run next to me..."
"Push me..."
"Push me FAST!!!"
"Push me SLOW!!!"
"Let's both run..."
"You pick me up and run with me in your arms!"

Whew, I think @actifit needs to add babysitting as an activity category. 😅 I don't know why I worked out earlier this morning because I totally broke a sweat pushing that kid around. Anything to see that smile light up her face, though! If only we all kept that innocent joy throughout our whole lives. It was a beautiful day to get outside, too, so no complaints for an excellent excuse to get some vitamin D.

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Haha, that's funny! Yes, Actifit should add babysitting as an activity. I too play with my 2 little great nieces - one is almost 4 and the other almost 3. The oldest does the same thing to me and I had already walked my dog before I played outside with them and my niece was getting me to chase her and her sister and pretend I was a monster or a dinosaur. :) I was tired last night! I use Actifit, but I'm waiting for them to add the iOS version so I can sync my Fitbit to Actifit! I really dislike having my iPhone in my back pocket just to register my steps, so I don't do it very often.

I got round 2 today after her birthday party! It really is such a fun age. So much energy, so it is absolutely a workout keeping up with them! I feel the same way about keeping my phone on me. I usually try to do one or two logging days a week, then otherwise prefer not to have to keep my phone on me. They do a great job continuing to update the app, so I'm sure you'll be able to use your Fitbit to sync soon!

I feel enchanted

Not a bad feeling to have. 😊

Awe… it’s amazing how much love we get from such small packages. Little humans have a way of lighting us up inside. It’s so very cool that you spend every Friday with your niece. She’ll remember that stuff for the rest of her life. Great job aunty, you are killing the Aunty games.

One of my favorite clients just became a grandpa for the first time (my 72-year-old best friend really), so I told him I've gotten in plenty of practice if they need another aunt...🤣 We always have plenty of love in our hearts for more, right? Even when she's being a little punk. I can't wait for her birthday party this afternoon. Uncle @dksart made her a custom mermaid princess coloring book, and I know she's going to love it! (Yeah, he is pretty much killing the gift-giving game right now...) 😉

He is killing the gift game right now! Where is he getting his inspiration from? Love it. Three year olds have a way of acting like turds from time to time but I suppose 30 year olds do too. Haha

72 is a good age for a best friend. We have a couple 70 year old best friends and they are all great. Everyone needs at least one in their life.

His brain just works totally different from mine. My niece was a little ambivalent about it today when we gave it to her, but she was getting so many other gifts it's not surprising. Everyone else thought it was really awesome, though. And now I'm worn out because I got Toddler Workout 2.0! It was a beautiful day, so back outside after the party for more running. 🏃‍♀️🎂

Haha… she’ll think it’s cool when she starts coloring in it. I remember my great grandparents had a book made for me one Christmas. It had a story about a girl named “me” and when I opened that gift I was probably a little ambivalent too. Years later when I went through my old stuff I came across that book again and it took on a whole other meaning for me. I still have it saved with a few other items at my Moms. She’ll come to see the coolness in that coloring book one day, if not sooner. I bet everyone else gave him the recognition he deserved on it :).

And bravo for running in the afternoon. I hate running if it’s not first thing in the morning. It seems the day takes my running shoes away from me and replaces them with cinder blocks 🤦🏼‍♀️

Well there was no choice in the matter when the mini one says "Come on Aunt Katie!!!" As she starts running down the sidewalk by herself. 😂

She fell on her hands and knees once--no broken skin, just a few tears. As I was holding her trying to get her to calm down my sister came over to see if she wanted mommy consoling. She looked at her with tears still in her eyes and said "No Mommy, I just want to run." Think I really might have a future running buddy on my hands. Though I might have a tough time keeping up with her!

Oh yes! That’s the perfect answer little one. Running is so good for the soul, I swear. Good job aunty!

So cool you have this regular time with your niece, they can be such fun at that age for sure :)

It just continues to be so much fun! We don't have a lot of immediate family around, so it is nice to that they are close enough that I can spend that time.

Enjoy the time its such a sweet age :)

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What a lovely way to start off the weekend! I bet you’re the “cool auntie”! ;)

If she has even half as much fun with me as I have with her then I am a happy camper. :) Now I'm trying to restore some of my reserves because I'll get to play with a niece by friendship in a few hours. Whew, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! Hope you are enjoying yours!

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Awwwww, she would be perfect play made for our boys. They will be 3 in April and they love bikes too, besides other things, lol. I can totally relate how much you enjoy spending time with her, since being auntie and grandma is a very similar thing, lol.

Anything active she is game for! At her party on Saturday there was another little boy just a few months younger than your boys and by the end of the party they were having a blast together! We did some more running and chasing on Saturday, as well. I'm totally worn out today! But in a wonderful way. It is fun from our end since we get to do all the fun stuff, right? :)

Howdy plantstoplanks! wow that's a great number there, and you can thank your niece for that right? lol. Wonderful post!

Hey there @janton! She might just be a better fitness trainer than I am. ;) At least it makes getting all that activity in a total blast. And I hope to do my part to make sure she always enjoys activity as much as she does now. :)

Howdy today plantstoplanks! well, what a marvelous role model you are and she has a big advantage because you are there for her. Hey I thought about you last night during the Super Bowl! lol..because they showed one of the big ads on the side of a building that you showed on your post about the stuff going on downtown. Are you set to go back to your regular schedule with your classes downtown?

Well isn't that nice of you to ask. I was pleasantly surprised that even Thursday last week was not near as bad as I thought getting in and out of town (at least during the day time)! I would imagine there is plenty of cleaning up to do these next few days, but I think it should be business as usual from here on out. I do need to explore more to check out some of the murals they are leaving up by local artists as part of the Super Bowl beautification of the city. There is one I'll share on my regular route, but many went up around the city these last few weeks. They are all about inclusiveness and support for people of all walks of life, so it will be nice to have that inspiration stay up all over town!

Howdy plantstoplanks! oh how interesting, I think murals painted on buildings are amazing! I hope you get to some of those. I bet the city made a fortune off of the Super Bowl, or at least I hope they did.

Hi @plantstoplanks,

This is such a cute post. I am back here with a message.

This is your guest judge speaking :) I am ready, but cannot find Katie to report in. Is she on steemit or someplace else?

I emailed @lenasveganliving, but I am also trying this to let you know.

Thanks for such a fun task. I am very hungry now!

Hey there! I am sure Lena will forward me the email you sent, but if I don't hear from her in a bit I'll reach out. Glad you enjoyed the guest judging task! It is fun to really take a look through all of the entries! Thanks!

Ok - thank you for the offer to do it. I will be back with an entry next week :)

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