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@actifit is one of a kind Dapp that motivates users to stay active, healthy and improve their lifestyle and benefit from tokens (AFIT, AFITX) at the same time and much more.
To guarantee that you will benefit from @actifit and get upvoted on this Dapp, there are some conditions to be taken into consideration upon reaching the minimum target (5,000 steps).
@actifit grants you the option to write a text (with at least 100 characters) or to upload an image with a caption.
Most of the users deem it difficult to find words to compose 100-character description each day.
Here are some tips that may help ease this tiny mission:
First, always turn over your minds that you are what you write; this will definitely cause you to avoid shallow content.
You can make your @actifit daily content fun and informative if you write down a brief reflection of what you have experienced during your daily routine.
Although routines do not help you be that creative, they can do a lot of good if you stick to practicing their regular discipline.
However, you can customize your own easily-described routine with the help of the following steps:
A- Organize your schedule.
B- Reach at least the minimum target (5,000 steps).
C- Describe your little achievements regarding your new schedule in the text box. You may talk about your bad experiences as well.
D- Post on @actifit.
Moreover here are 6 main points that you may make use of to compose a short paragraph quickly.
1- Wake-up time.
2- Meals.
3- Details on work/ work from home (during the lockdown)
4- Latest developments related to fitness on social media.
5- Coffee/ Tea-time.
6- Simple activities such as: shopping, going for a walk, gardening, etc.

Talk briefly about all or some of these points on @actifit, and here you go.

Always remember that you can post some beautiful pictures taken by you.

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