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While bitcoin is breaking records on specialized trading platforms, four stocks still manage to outperform the most famous cryptocurrency on the financial markets. Presentation of these four companies.

Although bitcoin has seen its share price increase by more than 10 since the beginning of the year, a handful of stocks have done better than cryptocurrency on the financial markets. Indeed, according to a Bloomberg study, only four stocks have seen their valuation soar by at least 1000% since January 1, after excluding securities with insufficient trading volume, tiny caps or even Venezuelan assets. Presentation of these 4 companies.

1.A Japanese food chain

The first of these values is Pepper Food Service Co., a chain of restaurants in Japan famous for its steaks and pork chops. Its share rose in 2017 from 597 yen (4.47 euros) to 7040 yen (52.7 euros), an increase of 1080% not even a year. Thanks to this exceptional performance, the company created by Kunio Ichinose in 1970 has surpassed one billion euros in capitalization.

2.An Indian specialist in graphite electrodes

This time, the Indian company HEG Ltd, specialized in graphite electrodes, managed to beat the digital motto. Particularity of this company: it was created in 1977 in collaboration with the society of the electrodes and refractories "Savoie" (SERS), then subsidiary of the French group Pechiney. On the stock market, HEG has a remarkable 2017 year. Its price has been multiplied by nearly 12, allowing the company to come close to one billion euros in capitalization (917 million exactly).

3.A pioneer of online trading

Another Indian company is in the spotlight, it is Indiabulls Ventures Ltd. Pioneer of online trading, the group is now developing in consumer credit. With success apparently since Indiabulls has seen its share price increase by more than 1300%, its title from 19.5 rupees (0.25 euro) to 275 rupees (3.6 euros) since January 1st.

4.A Chinese investment firm

Finally, China Investment Fund is the fourth company to do better than bitcoin. The investment company, which owns stakes in a gold mine and a car parts company in China, has increased its share by nearly 13 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As a result, its stock was added to the MSCI Global Small Cap Index.

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