Make your grand projects materialize RIGHT NOW!


I get it, times are tough. Nobody knows what is going to happen in their immediate future (let alone a few years down the road) and noone can make any feasible plans right now that seem worth making.

As I have written recently, this might be a golden opportunity to make some grand projects come to fruition. But as much as I want to trust the cosmic flow and as much as I believe that we really don't decide anything ultimately, I feel it is a time to be actively engaged and to obsess about one's own level of activity on the Earthly plane.

There are things that need to be done every day, even now, but there are also things that are entirely optional and things that can be done without in favor of more productivity. I know I know, I hate to sound like a feeble minded politician here, but when it comes to your own projects, your own grand vision that needs to manifest and become a reality there really is no such thing as "too much" involvement or too much effort on your part right now. Effort on your own project is the new gold standard.

You want to structure your day, like any larger company does. Move the segments around, be able to go with the flow of life as things happen - yes - but do make sure you put in the hours to make something big happen. Small increments every day. Even and especially if your day is already filled up and can't possibly fit any more activity. See it as a sprint, as a lengthy interval between rests that desperately needs captivating right now, catching the fleeting ghost of materialization of your wildest visions on the human plane.

By no means do I believe this is the end times, or that this is our last chance to make something of ourselves. But I do see these times we are living in as the test of one's own resolve, the meter to display perfectly how willing we are to put our money where our mouth is and to take that extra hour on the ballcourt of our mind's project's brainstorm just to make it become true. Capture it!

Your vision is worth the extra mile and this feels like the time for controlled excesses in self-realization, especially at the cost of comfort or relaxation.

It might be the American side of me but this really is the perfect time to hustle. Set yourself a deadline for a project or a major reward for yourself upon completion of any given milestone you deem essential and then hack away at the things that need to be done. EVERY DAY. Act like it truly was your last day on Earth and all the eyes were upon you to deliver. TODAY.

Summer energetics are rising and the summer is a time for activity and for going all in with your might and persistence.

Winter is the time for rest, and the next winter will come for sure. But not right now..

Grow with the challenges that mount. Meet them head-on and use this tickle of life-hurdles reality has thrust your way to grow stronger and persist. Grow beyond and reach heights your friends would have never deemed possible. Well, the resonance within you testifies that it is possible, otherwise how could you be even reading this?

You know it's true. You know what to do. Yes, THAT. Your project is worth doing. Check your intention and if it seeds inspiration and cooperation in the human realm, if it brings knowledge or empowers those lost in the tornado then go manifest it RIGHT NOW. We are brothers and sisters who have forgotten so we need each other to remind us. All of us carry a piece of the puzzle, a shard of the crystalline key with us. When else are we gonna put it together than now?!

These are golden times of grand opportunity. The window will remain open a while longer. Seize that window of opportunity! It is yours, if you qualify to utilize it. Qualify we may only by our deeds and by its meaning for other people on Earth.

Question is: Will you be able to look back on this time of utter uncertainty saying you have used it to your full advantage, giving it all you can in order to make something big happen in you, your surroundings and ultimately the human world... or will you cite regrets, make excuses and go right back to expecting things when all that would have needed to be done was to put in the effort it takes to make that divine monument manifest for all eyes to see...

It takes risk and effort. Go all in!


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