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There should be activism in all areas of 'life' umbrella from good people. Good people should speak up, the bad will get secluded. The activism will keep the us going very long, or else bad will continues to win. Blockchain world offered a safe space for fostering the goodness, securing the skills, prosperity. We need the economies of inclusiveness than pitting one over the other. Allow the less fortunate to grow and prosper, secure the thought and identities. its a passion to contribute to the society at large. Steemit gives a voice, free of ads and garbage. its a peace of mind, no need to pay for being addfree unlike youtube red.


I fully agree with your opinion. As a social activist, I am trying to promote such things for around 2 years on steemit. Now I am running a steemit funded charity school @SchoolForSDG4 which was founded on 20 April, 2016 and now fully funded by steemit community. Also, my social venture @WomenEmpowerment has now good support from here too.