Censorship - The First Action of a Criminal Government

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This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix.
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This episode is also a podcast on soundcloud

This episode is also a podcast on soundcloud

Listen to Surviving the Matrix - Censorship - The First Action Of A Criminal Government - Episode 373 On Conscious Sounds 432Hz #np on #SoundCloud

Dear Max, you probably are familiar with Calhoun's Mouse Utopia Experiment. I wanted to point you into the direction of some fascinating research made by Dr. Edward Dutton giving some insight into parallels happening in our society. It answered many of my questions about why we have to experience these dramatic changes in our society. I believe it explains the underlying foundation for many of our challenges like our passivity, the infighting, the mindlessness and why it is even possible that we as a society tolerate and fall prey to parasitic governments.
If you have some time, I'd like to encourage you to check out his brilliant perspective, I promise it will be worth your time.
Here is a video with a good overview of his work: The Inevitable Decline of Civilization w/ Dr. Edward Dutton

and here is his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMRs0Ml8RF0cWVAOeQeBxTw

Hope this will be as an important piece of the puzzle to solve the mystery of our experience for you as it was for me. Love your work mate, Cheers!

Love your work Max!

It's really moving into the end game now.