The Biggest Conspiracy Of All

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When people look at the world today, it can sometimes just be downright depressing. There's just no other word for it. And isn't it interesting how rapidly the world has changed and become this way over the last few years? It really has happened quite quickly. One minute we were thinking we were free and most were looking forward to a bright future, then, somehow we found ourselves in the world of today where our governments are completely out of control, our police have been militarized, Europe is falling apart, and everyone has for the most part, been duped by mainstream propaganda into spending most of their time looking over their shoulder wondering if the guy next to them on the bus is a 'terrorist'. Of course in among these questioning masses are those awakened and newly awakening individuals who know perfectly well who the real terrorists are, namely government, and who can see through the facade of the currently predominant fear campaign. Yet even most awakened people still remain perplexed and frustrated in their efforts to finding any remedy to this situation.

Upon awakening and discovering the world is not what they first thought it to be, a great many people typically begin looking into the workings of the system and are led into a rabbit hole of endless conspiracy theories, some of which are true, most of which are purposefully manufactured noise. And ultimately most end up in a state of confusion, frustration or worse, with most then becoming lost in their ongoing quest for someone to blame. As if pointing the finger at someone and shouting "You!" is actually going to change anything. But this generally seems to be the way with human nature. We look for someone else to blame for getting us into this mess, and then we demand someone else fix it.

We do this because generally, people have been very effectively programmed into accepting two very false and in fact, two diametrically opposed realities, as being true.


On one hand we view ourselves as all important, the King or Queen of one's own castle as it were, and demand we be served by others in a timely manner and to our satisfaction; we deem ourselves somewhat above the common workers we may employ for whatever particular task, or very often even in regards to how we personally rate ourselves against our peers. While on the other hand, in regards to society at large, we see ourselves as being insignificant little people who cannot really make a difference in the world and must look to others more wise. We place our faith in leaders to miraculously lead us to a better world. It is this very attitude, this bizarre combining of two completely false realities into one, that has been largely responsible for leading humankind to our current predicament.

Life is an incredible thing. It is a melting pot of expression and wondrous diversity whereby human potential is only limited by people’s belief, or lack of belief, in their own abilities and by the limits they place upon themselves. I mean sure, there may be financial barriers we all face regarding the completion of some project or other, but on a deeper level, as a species, as a society, as the expressions of creation each of us ultimately are, we place limits on our potential generally due to our beliefs of what our potential is and by our belief and understandings of what is and is not possible. In this manner, we impose our own limitations upon our own potential.

Much of the time such limitations are the result of programming, the adapting of someone else's belief that has been superimposed over our own. This is modern education in a nutshell. It is the education, or lack of it, that we have received that has ultimately led us to this point because modern education is in fact designed not to educate, but rather to separate children from their parents at as early an age as possible and to immerse them into a rigorous program of indoctrination and training. It has been this training that has led us to believe we are both, all important, and ultimately insignificant and inconsequential, at the very same time.


The catalyst that holds the programming together is the subtle use of fear throughout the entire education system. The class system, peer group pressure, fear of failure, exams, the grading system, the separation into age groups, the different grouping systems - alpha, delta etc, the relentless respect for authority that is drummed into the children. All are class based, all are designed as mechanisms of division and control, and all use fear as the catalyst in order for them to work.

This use of fear as a catalyst and the subtle subliminal programming into the combining and acceptance of two completely opposing realities, self importance and insignificance, into one mindset, quite naturally creates a huge schism in the psyche of the individual. And it's easy to make a play for more control from that point forward. The more powerless the individual feels in the face of an ever more monstrous and overbearing system, the more desperate and fanatical one becomes in their attempts to maintain a sense of power and control over their own individual space. Thus the more isolated each becomes from their families, friends and peers and thus the social divide also continually widens between individual families. And via the use of a monetary system purposely designed to place people in a never ending state of self-generating debt, no matter how successful one becomes within the parameters of the system, the fear always remains. A fear of loss, of shortage, of insecurity... It's always there like a leaking faucet, slowly dripping somewhere in the back of one's mind.

Divide and conquer is the motto, and mankind has been farmed almost to perfection... almost.

I say almost because although the ruling Kakistocracy has done a pretty good job, it hasn't been perfect - though with the advent of 5G and the Smart Grid, they are most certainly working on that. But for what fortune it may bring, now at last, albeit somewhat late in the game, the veil is lifting for a great many people. Many are beginning to realize the truth. Well at least the basics of it anyway. They are now beginning to see how they have been played and they are starting to realize that their attention to matters of state is required. But again, to what end? And as usual, they ask themselves, "But what can one little person do?"


Well, the first thing one must do, is drop the "I'm just a little person" programming. Stop selling yourself short. I simply cannot stress this point home enough to people that ALL that exists within our entire society is people. All of them "little people" just like you. Irrespective of any position or office they hold, they are just people. They are nothing more. All have equal value and all have equal potential for creative thought. And ultimately, it is thoughts that have created this mess. Thoughts turned into action. And everyone has that same potential.

The problem is that via the programming most have received, they have lost connection to their true self and are for the most part, completely unaware of their own potential. They are constrained by the limitations defined by their programming and they are further constrained by fear. And not just a fear of authority, but also a fear of ever really and truly being themselves. A fear of acknowledging their own self worth. Sure I have great worth, but I'm just a little person. When you can step back and really see it, you almost have to admire the level of programming it takes to achieve a comfortable merging of two such apposing mindsets into one.

Yes, life is an incredible thing but it is fleeting gift. What is important is what one does with it. What legacy has been left behind? Has reality been improved or impaired by your time spent here? And as it is but a fleeting moment, what is there to really fear? As far as fear goes, on one hand people are generally in fear for their own personal security, while on the other, of the overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable power of the machine. They forget that the machine, the system, is a cloud, it's a fiction created by mankind, the result of thought turned into action and that we all have the ability to create something different if we choose to step back into our humanity and view things from a more human perspective.

Ultimately, the machine may look like this all pervasive, all powerful organism but the reality is that is just people. People like you or I who turn their thoughts into action. Our problem is that when we attempt to address our grievances towards it we do battle against the action, we do not confront the people within the machine who thought to put the action in motion. And again, we do this as the result of programming.


Most people have this deep seated respect for authority and the written word. This is what has made the legal system so effective. People will do the wrong thing when they know it's wrong due to the power of the written word. They will step outside of their moral compass believing they have no choice other than to do so, simply because another man or woman wrote it on paper and claimed it to be "law". In this manner and via this training we have allowed ourselves to be misled, stolen from, controlled, corralled, impoverished and enslaved. We have allowed unprecedented destruction of our habitat in the name of corporate profit for a small handful of people who control things at the top. We have allowed endless wars, human rights abuses and an endless stream of millions upon millions of beautiful human beings, each of equal value and equal potential to be discarded, murdered or simply forgotten. All due to our subservience and obedience to the written word. It is also the written word that has convinced us that the conspirators at the top of the pyramid are all powerful, that all opposition to them is impossible and controlled, when nothing could be further from the truth. The real conspiracy is that there is any such thing as "little" people.

There isn't.
There's just people.

The real truth is, that those at the top are just people too. People who had an idea and put that idea into action. Of course they are presented to the masses by the media as "celebrities". They are paraded before the people as untouchable demigods to be admired and cheered on. The masses are kept on the treadmill having to pay to be alive, always living on the edge of scarcity and finding their pleasures vicariously through the lives of others rather than their own and so never really have the time to ever realize their own potential. Yet deep inside, most people know it's there. They know they have value and they know this system is wrong, but they know not how to change things.


Change will come when people realize their own perfection and learn to respect themselves enough to see that same perfection in others. What will it take? Perhaps some kind of worldwide epiphany, who knows. Perhaps it will happen simply by those who are awakened spreading information as we have done for so long. Hopefully it will happen soon, that people will stop seeing government as this all powerful thing and see it as people. Just people. Employees who are all standing in abuse of the offices they have been appointed to. And worse than that, ultimately, they are criminals of the very worst kind.

And if you really need proof of that claim? Well, Exhibit A: The Earth

People need to stop being politically correct. Stop being "nice" (and I very much suggest you go look up the etymology of that word) and simply name things for what they are. This world is run by criminals. You know it. I know it. And those who haven't figured it out yet need to have the facts pointed out to them in no uncertain terms. Because when that realization truly really hits home for people, we will change this world in a day.

Perhaps it's simply time we all stopped believing there was ever such a thing as little people. Perhaps it's simply time we all grew up.

Max Igan

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Thank you again Max, While I enjoy reading your thoughts I hope you do not abandon your videos as I truly enjoy listening to you. Please don't allow the narrow minded bullies to stand in the way of your video messages. They are part of the "powers that shouldn't be" that want to limit your audience.

Blessings to you and yours this day and always.

Not a chance Mary. You need have no fear of that. I have just been posting these essays as an extra for people who may enjoy reading :)

I would be very surprised to see how "narrow minded bullies" could get so far to even be here!..

All good. Steemit is a good platform.
I'm pretty sure Mary is referring the gang stalking legions who constantly troll my youtube videos

The most active gang being the Hasbara

Hi @maxigan, This is a really good post...i can definately relate to what you are writing it's so spot on. We people have more power than we know but alot of us are stuck in old ways of thinking...ones you start to awaken and realize what has been done to us it's quite overwhelming....but in the last 2 years i have seen alot of positive things happening and i think we the people are on the verge of creating an amazing World to live and prosper in but it will be difficult in the start....the economy will change radically over the coming years and everybody needs to take more responsibility.

If you are familiar with the Qanon, i think the best way is to start questioning and let the person themself find out what the answers are otherwise stating someting too radical like 9/11 was an inside job people generally think that is ridicolous, but we know because we have looked at it and seen the evidence....

Keep up the great work, everyone should read this post. Im going to Resteem. Have an awesome day.


Many thanks Andre

Thanks Max, keep up the 'enlightening' work!

I'm appreciating the essays Max, I still hear every word in your voice too :) You're a really talented writer. I tell my kids all of the time, that so-called 'authority' is just human beings in costumes. Nothing more. That they should do what they feel is right, not just because a human in a costume had written some words on paper and called it "law".

I have a lot of hope for Humanity because I know there are many other parents teaching their children the same thing. The future looks bleak if we only see it from the tv and mass media perspective, the future looks amazing when I see how my friends, and people like you are teaching truth and never giving up.

Wonderful comment Lyndsay. Thank you very much

Great thoughts Max! Don't really know if I'm uplifted or even more depressed, hehehe! No, seriously, great stuff!
We really should say what we know it's true to others. I've started telling what I think about for example this whole "terror threat" thing. When people say "oh my, let's hope this easter will be safe! Gov.t has declared level 2 or whatever terror alert!"...usually I'm seen as a crazy nutjob for not "believing them", but I try to calmly explain myself, even if it doesn't work most of the time. But I've decided that the most important thing is not to remain silent anymore for fear of being labeled.

We will get through this brother.
No fear

If I could upvote this post more than once I would. Great work! Sheer truth juice! Resteemed.

Your comment and resteem is very much appreciated. Thank you

You're most welcome. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep churning out the inspirational and enlightening posts'. 👍

Wow! An unbelievably deep text and gorgeous pictures!!!

Many thanks my friend

Max this is wonderful.
I am actually watching your most recent video and paused it to read this.
You are a smart, good, kind man, and a good writer.
Reading this was really beneficial.
Now, if I can locate another human to share it with that can also process it ;)

Thank you so much for saying so js, and also for talking the time out to read it.
I appreciate it very much.
much love

'Change will come when people realize their own perfection and learn to respect themselves enough to see that same perfection in others. What will it take? ' That is a really good question mate... I guess more death and inequalities... Maybe a war... Maybe we are just dreamers and it will never happen, who knows...

People are understanding that perception of value is evolving through the years. Through internet, Youtube, now Steemit and the blockchain... The world is getting better, slowly but surely,hopefully.

Really developed post, some value there ! +1 sub

No worries mate

I love those kinds of posts, great job.
Most important thing we have to change is:
but also a fear of ever really and truly being themselves
Our generation is mostly lost regarding that question but we need to learn children that it is ok to be different and that they have to be themselves.

Ps. Are you really Max Igan or you just use his name?

Thank you for the kind words.
And yes I am Max Igan from the crowhouse

Yes of course there is a team behind all those work. You are doing great job on raising awareness all over the world.
Big respect!

To those who consider themselves "just a little person": It took billions of years for Nature to come up with an apple. How much do you think it took to create you?

Less Than a God.jpg

I'm reminded of an X-Files episode (Season 11, Episode 4, "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat"), where Mulder and Scully contemplate the Mandela Effect, then quickly move on to recognise how nothing can ever be claimed as the absolute truth anymore since multiple lines of accepted truth seem to exist in the world today.

For instance, Trump heavily promoted Hillary's criminality during his election campaign, which she denied, as you would expect, but despite touting that he would lock her up if he won, he seemingly just forgave her and dropped the allegations altogether. Now I know his followers still believe her to be guilty, and her followers believe her to be innocent, so still trying to be of a sound and unbiased mind, I'm left confused as to what the actual truth is. It's easy to assume that all politicians are criminals, but without proof, and in the face of those who believe in her, I simply can't say yay or nay to her guilt.

As for Obama's birthplace, who's to know where he was born, considering that a seemingly legitimate, and doctored, birth certificate seems to occupy the same space within reality.

Political parties have generally always taken opposing sides in order to capture their share of the voter base, but since Trump they now seem to proffer opposing truths. Maybe, what was once considered party position (i.e. opinion) has now become so blatant and honest-sounding that we are being sucked in to believing them as truths instead.

I truly thought Hillary was guilty. I truly thought border-crossing Mexicans were bad people.

I had no choice, after the election, after I woke up to this crazy double-mindedness, but to abandon trying to understand the truth altogether. I couldn't call either of them liars, because I didn't know who was telling the truth, but I also couldn't call either of them truthful. So, sadly, the baby had to get thrown out with the bath water.

I don't believe for a second that North Korea is a threat. Not right now anyway, with or without nuclear weapons. Nor do I believe that Assad is a threat, or Iran, or China. The only one who stands out as a threat to me are our own leaders, who are refusing to be honest any more. As far as I'm concerned, they are lost, and those who understand truth, not from popular opinion but from learned experience, are quickly awakening to the fact that we are on a singular path to chaos and destruction. The end of the system has no choice but to come, because without truth it no longer has a solid foundation to hold it up.

I simply can't see a world where the people in it accept a bipolar reality, where they enjoy their day to day lives while simultaneously fearing the inevitable end of everything. Something has to give, and I suspect a big snap will soon happen, all of a sudden and on a worldwide scale.

I've already chosen to have faith rather then fear, as I'm sure most truthers have done as well, which means I've given up on all hope of any government finding their way back to the reality of the everyday men and women who they claim to be there for. They no longer share my understanding of what is the truth and what is a lie. Their unreasonable quest for safety and security has caused them to abandon honesty altogether, which makes them as much an enemy to me as anyone can be.

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"Change will come when people realize their own perfection and learn to respect themselves enough to see that same perfection in others."

"This world is run by criminals."

Do criminals harbor this "perfection" too or do they fall into a class of "deplorables"? Are the leaders misguided? I think they are misguided but they are too far beyond the ability to fix themselves and they have no motivation to do so.

It seems like you are arguing for the breakdown of the "Dominance Hierarchy". As long as there are social pressures for limited resources, the Dominance Hierarchy might be a good thing for the individual but there are definitely more civilized ways to conduct ourselves. We are quickly evolving into a situation of unlimited resources as long as we keep our population in check (or microbes do it for us) . We are also in a situation, as you alluded to, where the "dominators" don't have the best interests of the less dominant at heart.

I used to think that I could do good in the world by marching up the Dominance Hierarchy into a position of power so I could help people. It turns out that once you get there, you have to join a corrupt cabal and behave in a certain way that is parasitic on society. No thanks.

Induction of (subliminal) fear into society is a major factor, but I regard the damage done by organized religions as a bigger one. I am not sure as to whether there will be a global epiphany but the next 5 years are going to be epic. All money in circulation originated from debts, so the problem cannot be fixed. I think people must first realize that their attachment to materialism imprisons them.

I do not expect much from steemit, I do see issues with allowing people to downvote controversial or challenging postings and buddies banding together.

Hello Max, Really good article.
Bible prophecies even confirm what your saying as true. When it says the "meek will inherit the earth". in Psalms 37 - And Isaiah 11 says 6 Then the wolf and the lamb, together will feed;
The leopard will nap with the kid;
Bulls, calves, and lions will all graze together,
And by a small child, they’ll be led. "
But like you say continuously going after politicians, they are just puppets, you are never getting to the puppet master. Its a spiritual battle. Each and everyone of us can either win or lose.

All changes will be exponential. Every realistically-positive change we have in ourselves gives exponentially positive results to us and to all around us.
1st step is as a 1st step,
2nd step is as a 3rd step,
3rd step is as a 5th step, and so on..
Conscious unity is way more powerfully then unconscious division.