ActnEarn Delegators Rewards Go out Today for Nov'2019 and Dec'2019

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We give 10 actnearn tokens per SP delegated to us per month. The Steemworld website provides the delegation details for any account. We use information from that website to reward our delegators.

Reward Computation

Computations are shown below for each delegation:

We have sent out all these rewards today to all the delegators for last two months.

Excess Return to Delegators

In below table we provide computations that show how much extra, delegators earn by delegating to ActnEarn.

We thank all our delegators.


cool @actnearn congrats to all that received tokens!

Good morning I noticed you downvoted my recent Wednesday walk post, which I am curious as to why you did, I respect the right of people to downvote but am curious what it was about my post that you did not like


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