The French Open is mostly thought-about the foremost physical of the four Majors.

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The French Open is mostly thought-about the foremost physical of the four Majors, since it's the sole one compete on clay, that slows the ball down and ends up in longer rallies involving running for much longer distances than do arduous courts or grass. The clay, that is well-groomed within the tourneys, can lead to poor footing and occasional unhealthy bounces, that makes it even more durable. typically clay-court specialists have dominated on clay, however rarely did very well on alternative surfaces till Nadal came on. Clay has conjointly been used at the U.S. Open and Australian Open, however not recently.

Wimbledon is compete on grass, that conjointly has footing and bounce problems, however that has conjointly been a lot of improved within the last thirty years to form it a lot of slower and provides higher coverage within the later rounds. It wont to be that grass courts were a lot of “faster” than clay or hardcourts, giving a plus to grass-court specialists UN agency like that, and may play serve-volley lawn tennis effectively - an element that has been a lot of diminished since Federer initial started winning at Wimbledon. At just the once 3 of the Majors were compete on grass!

The Australian and U.S. Opens square measure currently compete on arduous courts, and there's very little that's special concerning them. The U.S. Open within the past has been called having a very rowdy audience, however the Australians conjointly appear to be catching up in this regard.

In recent years, with the grass bogged down at Wimbledon, the French Open appears to be the foremost tough for anybody except Nadal to win. Sampras ne'er did win it! Federer just one occasion, once Nadal wasn’t there.