Cultivating vannamei shrimp is my current business

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Hi everyone, today I share about cultivation of vannamei shrimp, but on this occasion I did not share in full but on another occasion I will share it perfectly.

This photo that I shared is the result of cultivation that I have developed so far and I have harvested it 3 times.

Have you ever heard of vannamei shrimp farming in tarpaulin ponds? Many people have harvested it and benefit from this cultivation.

Vannamei shrimp cultivation is a very good business and has fantastic value apart from catfish.

There are several steps to cultivating vannamei shrimp in fresh water by using a tarpaulin-covered pond. Cultivation like this can be done in various places because it does not have to be in a pond.

The strategic steps that can be taken are as follows:

  1. Site preparation
  2. Vaname shrimp farming
  3. Eradicate pests
  4. Fill pond water
  5. Pool fermentation
  6. Selection of superior seeds
  7. Sowing shrimp seeds
  8. Pay attention to the shrimp rearing process
  9. Adjust meal time
  10. Drain pond water
  11. Harvest process

Those are some steps that need to be done when cultivating vannamei shrimp in freshwater. I have developed this work to date.

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Seip Gronn Nahhh,...Udang Panname dengan disuguhkan dalam Mi gureng akan terlihat nikmatnya

Hahahaha, nyan cocok tabisnis..

Bisnis luar biasa,..Primadona bagi banyak petani Tambak,..Vannamei

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