Explore the natural sights of Seumadu Island, Aceh

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Hi my friends are all photography lovers, how are you today? I hope always to be healthy. On this day occasion, I returned to share photos of shots while visiting one of the beaches in Lhokseumawe City. The tool I use to take pictures only by using Samsung S7 Edge mobile phone.

I shot two beautiful girls who enjoyed the vast sea views on Rancong beach

Apparently Aceh is still much endowed with seas and beaches are very charming. We as people who occupy the area, should be able to explore the beauty of the deep marine in this area of our beloved before stepping further into other areas. Of the many beautiful beaches, this one beaches that can be a priority to be enjoyed.

From the photos I shot using a smartphone. This beach is called Rancong Beach, this beach is adjacent to Seumadu Island which is a natural tourist attraction in Aceh precisely in the city of Lhokseumawe, the beauty of this beach can amaze foreign local and tourists. Even for local tourists, this area a priority with its beauty especially the time of holiday very crowded visitors who come from different regions, let alone the weekend

Rancong beach area offers many scenes that can spoil the eyes of the visitors let alone many trees so the air is cool when we are in the region. Going to this location does not take a long time, because it is located not far from the city of Lhokseumawe even located very close to the main road Banda Aceh-Medan entered the intersection of four rancong across the residential complex PT. Arun in Batuphat, Muara Satu Lhokseumawe, From that side crossing the front road of Muara Satu Sub-district office to find curves of entrance to Panatai Rancong (Rancung) area also known as Seumadu Island.

This is the root of a pine tree that grows on shores of the Rancong beach where it's planted to preserve the beauty of this tourist spot.

Pine Plant (Pinus merkusii) is a shrub plant that reaches 10-40 m high and grows at an altitude of 300-1800 m above sea level. Pine trees are often used for wood and processed to be used - materials furniture, household furniture, matches, chopsticks, and much more.

Initially the word "pine" refers to one plant family, but most Indonesians call "pine" the name of the pine plant merkusii. Thus, the Pinus Merkusii Plant is now called Pinus or some call it Tusam. This pine plant has a sap on the stem. In the stem, there is a sap channel where in the sap channel there is a direction vertical (longitudinal) or horizontal (radial). This sap channel is formed by lisigen, sizogen, or sizoligen.

Pine trees have taproots with root systems that are deep enough and strong so that they can grow in deep / thick soils with mild to moderate soil textures. This type of pine also does not have high requirements for the type of soil where it grows because pine trees can grow on various types of soil even on soils with acidic pH.

Pine Tree Taxonomy

SpeciesPine merkusii Jungh. et de Vriese. Source

The following is a photo description of the results of my camera when shooting.

Focal Length4.2 mm
ISO Speed40

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Hello @azirgraff thanks for taking us through Seumadu Island through the lens of your camera, it was so relaxing reading this post, you take really nice pictures and I've been able to know more about the Pine, its one very complicated tree.

Your post was well structured and entertaining, thank you for your contribution to Realityhubs, we look forward to more of your reviews.

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Leuh keudroneuh hehehe

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