The match between Journalists Pasee vs. a Aceh government club

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Who are they? he is a friend who is an opponent in a match and this is not an ordinary opponent but he is a tough and great opponent when in a match that can maintain his ability to win the championship.

Now he is out of luck, apparently there is someone who is able to conquer it to produce a good score and he is forced to carry the score 6-2 until end of the game.

This is a team from the JPFC club (Journalist Pasee Football Club)

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Hello @azirgraff thanks for using the realityhubs tag. However this is not a review, it is more of a description of the match between the journalist and the Aceh government club. A good review will bear your personal opinion about the match, let your audience see the experience through you.

Thank you for using the realityhubs tag, we look forward to your next post.

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