Soon the @actnearn will be a month and this is no joke

in #actnearn2 years ago

Hi everyone, how are you to day?

Today I seem to have just woken up from a dream, a few moments ago I held my cellphone and opened the site @steemengine and as always I always only monitor my favorite coins, @actnearn.

What I want to say here is that I have become one of those who was disappointed and felt guilty about myself because I bought a little @actnearn a month ago and now I can't afford to buy much more.

Maybe soon I will not see @actneran again at 0.01 so steem because the seller level is too little, this is very unfortunate for friends who have not invested


If we look at the picture above it might only be a matter of hours @actnearn going to the moon and many people are very disappointed

You can also pay attention to the picture below


only a few @actnearn are sold at the number 0.0115 steem then at the figure 0.09 steem, this is very significant after that the seller comparison is very little compared to the buyer


Disclaimer : This is not a mandatory invitation you should do, cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment.