You Second Guess Your Instincts - Why?

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In a world saturated with opinion and experts, we often abandon our own instincts in favor of discordant information. Why do we abandon our intuition in favor of a mass of ever-changing data?

We do abandon our own judgement and first guesses when we are presented with authoratative opinion.

We have lost our collective edge that is endowed by the creator. Our gut feelings, conscious and subconscious understandings are being stifled by noise. Noise that is the often ill-manifested actions of proclaimed experts and commentary.

Why second guess our intution?

Simply put, we lose our trust in our ability to intuit. In a modern world filled worh unnatural noise and cues, we don't know how applicable our instincts are.

A cure for this distrust is to listen to our inner voice and distance our judgement from the endless parade of expert advice. We need time in silence and by ourselves. We need to make this time a priority.

Picture from Pixabay.


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