Fubbing: smartphone addiction.

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In this article you will learn:
In affectionate networks: what is fubbing;
Curious facts about gadget addiction;
Why do people suffer from fubbing;
Dependence on the smartphone: are there any pluses;
How to overcome the dependence on the phone.

The life of people, which fell on the era of digital technology and rapid technological progress, is different from the life of previous generations. Half a century ago, we could not imagine that we would talk on a cordless telephone, see each other via Skype and receive information in an unlimited amount from almost anywhere in the world. Today, these and many other benefits of civilization are available to everyone and are not surprising. The so-called Generation Z, children born after 2000, are encouraged by the innovations. They cannot imagine their life without the Internet and gadgets, which is understandable, because these means of communication are its integral part. However, often dependence on "toys" begins to affect mental health. Western psychotherapists dubbed this state the capacious word "fubbing." What is dangerous gadget addiction in adolescents and how to prevent it, you will learn from this article.

In affectionate networks
Like any other addiction, fubbing is formed on the basis of the idea of ​​psychological comfort. In this case, we are talking about the accessibility of information. Using a smartphone or tablet, almost anything is now possible. To give up the temptation to own all this information, if not impossible, is not easy.

Fabbing is a form of addiction when a person spends most of his time on the Web, and not just free. It is permissible for him in dialogue with others not to take his attention off the smartphone, to correspond with other people at the same time and be very annoyed when his beloved “toy” is not at hand.

The term first appeared in 2012. The name is derived from the words "telephone" and "neglect" (of course, not to the phone, but to others). Its authors were employees of the American advertising agency McCann. They looked for the name of this phenomenon purposefully. Fabbing gained fame thanks to the Australian site Stop Fabbing, which promotes the fight against this addiction.

Curious Facts About Gadget Addiction
One can grasp the scope of the problems of our century, having realized some facts based on extensive statistical research. Here are their results:

· If fabbing was an analogue of the medieval plague, it would take the lives of people whose number is 6 times the population of China.

· On average, one dinner of a modern person in a restaurant is interspersed with 36 Internet visits.

· In 97% of people, fabbing, combined with eating, reduces appetite, because the food does not seem so tasty.

· 87% of adolescents are uncomfortable with direct communication, so they prefer correspondence in messengers.

· 26% of the interlocutors experience jealousy and irritation and a sense of being useless when communicating with fabber.· 11% of the interlocutors feel severe discomfort, which is accompanied by anger towards the fabber and even a feeling of mental pain.

The conclusion follows from this: not only people dependent on it suffer from fubbing, but also their relatives. Moreover, excessive interest in the phone of one of the partners in a pair can cause serious disagreement, worsening the psychological atmosphere in the family.

Why do people suffer from fubbing?
Such a phenomenon as dependence on gadgets is an insidious thing. Of course, its effect on humans is not as fatal as addiction to alcohol or drugs, but it is also a drug. And he puts, first of all, a person’s mental health, especially if he is a teenager.

Fabbing is not a cause, but rather a consequence. It arises from other habits, as well as psychological problems. In particular, this is Internet addiction, FoMO syndrome (fear of missing something important), a low level of self-discipline. The presence of these problems gradually leads to fubbing.

The main problem is not so much the presence of a smartphone as the abundance of accessible information of an attractive nature and the lack of self-control.

It has been observed that fubbing has a gender distinction. The fair sex is more dependent on gadgets than the strong half of humanity. If men are interested in the technical orientation of information, then for women the social component of interaction is more important.

For fabber it is important to declare itself. With trepidation, he counts likes under his posts, conducts active correspondence with like-minded people, and reacts sharply to criticism. Arousing interest, a person receives confirmation of their own significance. Even if this happens only in the virtual world.

Is it worth talking about the consequences of such a dependence. Excessive involvement in artificially created reality is fraught with detachment from real life, frustration, stress and, as a result, prolonged depression.

Dependence on the smartphone: are there any advantages
We will not ruin the fundamental foundation, because if something is too much, then it is not sensible. However, I would like to look at the phenomenon not one-sidedly, but from different angles.

What are the benefits of using gadgets:

Through publicly accessible useful sites, learning is accelerated and simplified, horizons are broadened;
To find the answer to any question today is a matter of one or two seconds;
Through social networks, it is easy to find the person of interest and establish a connection with him, regardless of the place of stay;
There is a literary base on the Web, including a scientific one, which saves time spent in libraries earlier;
Through access to the Network, it is easier to promote your business and make yourself known.Contrary to the popular belief that the younger generation is mired in aimless wandering around networks, these facts speak in favor of development and aspiration. Modern youth is interested in science, quickly grasps and digests a much larger amount of information than their parents. In addition, the freedom to think and generate fresh ideas pushes Generation Z to incredible new discoveries.

However, it is worth noting the fact that addiction to gadgets in adolescents is provoked by no means useful sources of information. Most often, these are all the same social networks, as well as video channels, teeming with content that destroys the fragile children's psyche and distorts reality.

How to overcome phone addiction
It is very difficult to get out of attracting networks of fubbing, especially if fabber does not recognize the existence of a problem. But, if it is identified, it is important to make every effort so that the dependence does not develop into depression, and interest in reality is lost.

Unveil your concerns
Often the gloomy contemplation of the news feed is a cover from external stimuli. The trouble is that with the advent of gadgets, we gradually forgot how to communicate live. This has become a habit and not always noticeable, but, in a holistic picture of what is happening, it impoverishes interpersonal relationships, depriving them of sincerity. An important step towards getting rid of fubbing will be recognition of its power over you.

Minimize Interactive
Imagine that the messenger and social networks is a bad manners, and it is extremely important for you to observe the rules of etiquette of communication. If sending messages is the only option, bring the information as concisely as possible to eliminate the possibility of "hanging" in empty correspondence about anything.

Cutlets separately, smartphone separately
Eat food without an accompanying gadget, whether scrolling through a news feed or watching a video. This also applies to cases when you are in places of public catering. If fubbing is characteristic not only for you, but also for your friends, get rid of addiction by the team. For example, put off gadgets for the time of communication and agree that a person who violates the rules of not touching the phone will be fined.

Don't chase bells and whistles
The more technical features your smartphone has, the deeper it pulls you into the abyss of addiction. Therefore, give preference to simple models with a basic set of options. And if they start joking with you, answer that you, unlike the majority, recognize your addiction, fight for a just cause, eradicating the plague of our time. Who knows, suddenly, in this way you will find "fellow soldiers" who are ready to support you.

Track your behavior
Turn on mindfulness.This is the main enemy of fubbing, since the actions performed by a dependent person are carried out “on the machine”. Especially suck games, special applications and interest groups. If you feel that you are drowning in this content without flinching, uninstall applications or unsubscribe from certain groups. You see, the world will not collapse from this, and you will have more free time for useful things.

Turn addiction into a good habit
Reading books will never go out of style, as well as the desire for self-development. Replace useless pastime on the network with a construct. Through a smartphone, you can listen to podcasts, audio books, learn foreign languages, find an interesting job, a circle of interests, as well as develop your spiritual potential. Such useful skills are not addictive. Only healthy interest.

Gadgets and other modern paraphernalia are firmly rooted in our lives. Without it, it is impossible to learn, work and move in step with an advanced century. However, you must admit, a picture of the silence of a society where everyone sticks only on the screen of their smartphone, without seeing the faces of others, causes a cold feeling of loneliness in the crowd. And to prevent this, start with yourself. Indeed, no interactive communication can replace sparkling with joy eyes and a simple but sincere smile of a person who is happy for you!

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