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Join us on Matchpool!

Hey ADSactly Community! We’re happy to announce that in addition to our Discord Server and Telegram group, we will be expanding to the Matchpool platform! We have opened 3 pools - A Cryptocurrency Traders Pool, a Blockchain Mentorship Pool and a Crypto-Futures pool. Each Pool offers users a unique experience to interact with members of the ADSactly community in both a personal and professional capacity.

So What’s Matchpool?

Matchpool is a unique match-making platform that pairs users within pools using a peer-to-peer matchmaking system where the pool owner manually matches users. These pools can be home to anything from interests to hobbies to businesses, etc.

The Traders Pool [OTC Market]

Our OTC Market pool will have two components: One will be a general OTC market that will act as an escrow market between users within the pool. The trades will be facilitated by the pool owners (Us) and each interaction will be matched on a buyer-to-seller basis. Our hope for this pool is to act as a known middle-man so that users will know that there is a third party that can mitigate any potential disagreements or misunderstandings between both parties.

Join the Pool here:

The second component of the OTC market will be token-specific markets. These markets will be specifically for one type of cryptocurrency. As of this post, we have 2 active markets: STEEM OTC and FairCoin OTC, each market will have a set price of +4% and changes weekly.

Join the STEEM OTC here:

Join the FairCoin OTC here:

The Crypto Mentorship Pool

As you know, ADSactly has a huge community of cryptocurrency traders that range in skill and knowledge of the space. The Mentorship Pool that we set up on Matchpool will act as a hub for our community of traders, enthusiasts and developers to gather and discuss news, technical indicators, and strategies. Users can be paired on a mentor-to-mentee basis. All skill levels are welcome!

Join the Pool here:

The Crypto Futures Pool

Our crypto futures pool has been created with a unique goal in mind. Although experimental, we were hoping to create a way for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. We want to allow users to buy ‘futures’ in tokens that have a timed release based upon when a set number of pool members is reached. For example, users send tranches of 500 guppies to a BTC futures pool, once the pool reaches the set capacity, the btc will liquidate into the users wallets based upon the current market rate. This new form of investing is risky and we don’t recommend it.

Join the Pool here:

Thanks for reading! See you poolside,
ADSactly Team

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A big project can promise to be a very high quality coin and I have a prediction for this coin can reach a high price then GUP has a strategy for this coin can reach the price at the peak.

Hub @adsactly community and honourable members it's a good experience for everyone who love, trade and bet on the future of crypto I am not talking about last one for futures references from the day I joined this amazing community due to suggestion of my brother @oodeyaa I always experienced something new interesting and futuristic approach of this community and I am feeling lucky to be here and going to try the first one matchpool so friends waiting for you there.
Good luck.

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Good post i wii give upvot ples upvot me

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You are doing a great job so it seems.


@adsactly... Hi one question....

  1. Matchpool ko kuch or bataye or... Dlive me ek video de...... Reply now please Follow

As for me, the discord server is enough
Buying data here in Nigeria is so burdensome and expensive

Nice one from adsactly,I've gained there alot.
Kudos to the adsactly community

Sounds like a terrific idea!

Is steemshorts cancelled? I notice its been on hold for quite a while.

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A well explained post.. well done

It seems quite interesting. However, I have not used matchpool services or apps till now but I am going to check it very soon.

what work this no detells